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Troubleshooting During an Air Conditioning Service: Perth Expert Advice

When you get an air conditioning service, it’s essential to hire an HVAC professional. They will be able to use their considerable experience to troubleshoot your AC system quickly and get to the root cause of the problem. Some home tasks can be handled by a DIY enthusiast with a passion for learning, but an aircon service is not that sort of job. However, there are a few things that you can look out for that will let you know that you need to contact a professional and one of these is frozen pipes.

The Cost of Callouts

Troubleshoot an AC system can be a very time consuming task if you don’t have any formal training or experience to fall back on. Every callout will cost more money, and this can really add up over a couple of days until you find the problem. When you get a new AC system installed the responsibility to get the issue fixed fall on the HVAC company that installed the system until the problem is solved and the AC system is working correctly. However, in both cases, there is a great deal of disruption to your home cooling and the routine in your home when an AC technician is on site working.

AC System Installation

When you hire an HVAC professional, a typical AC installation will usually go smoothly. This is especially true if the HVAC company has been involved at an early stage and advice has been sought on the size and configuration of the AC system. Once the system is in place, you should have clean, cool and crisp air delivered precisely where you want it. When you first use the new AC system allow around 4-5 hours for the home to reach the indoor temperature that you need. This time period can vary depending on the ambient temperature outside and the starting temperature indoors. The best way to use your AC system is to set a temperature 14-15º less than the temperature outside. However, this ideal is not always the case, and problems can occur on a new AC system installation.

Why the Problem?

An AC system is a complex piece of equipment with electrical, electronic and mechanical components. Some of these parts move, and it’s quite easy to knock a duct or pipe during the installation process. Problems can also occur if you’ve chosen to use a handyman rather than an HVAC professional to install your expensive AC equipment. The most common issue by far is that the AC system is blowing cool or even warm air rather than the cold air that you want.

Check the External Compressor

Open the cover on your external compressor and take a look at the pipes. If they are frozen or covered with ice, there is a gas or pressure leak in your pipes or ducts. Contact your HVAC professional, and they will be able to find the leak and fix it for you. If they are looking for a comprehensive air conditioning service, Perth homeowners should get in touch with Air Spares for expert help and advice.