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Bathroom Additions that you Need to Have for Convenience and Comfort

If you are looking for a new face in your bathroom this coming year, we are very excited to help you. Today, we are featuring some of the latest and trendiest bathroom accessories and fixtures that you’d want to have.

These accessories will not only make your bathroom more updated, but they also offer more safety and convenience to all users. These accessories and fixtures come in different color and styles that you can choose from. So hop in and enjoy this ride to the modern accessories that will make your bathing and restroom experience easier and more comfortable.

Body sprayers

Morning bath is one of the most relaxing activities we do the whole day. It’s that undisturbed private moment at the start of our day that will freshen us up and prepare us for a whole bunch of work. It’s where we get to plan our day and get inspired imagining the things we like to achieve. But most importantly, it makes us physically presentable to face everyone.  (Photo from Pinterest)

The advanced body sprayers we’re featuring first are a great addition to your bathroom because it will make body cleansing and rinsing easier and faster. Even when you wake up late, you can easily finish up bathing because these body sprayers attached on the corners of your wall will do the rinsing for you. That means less scrubbing to remove all the bubbles produced by your body soap. Additionally, body sprayers can be massaging tools as well. Just increase the water pressure of these showers, let your back face the water spray and you’ll feel a comforting massage.

Urban-style advanced faucet

Another lovely addition to your bathroom would be urban-style faucets that are really modern in appearance. They have a sleek body that barely has any design or engravings. But who needs that if you want a minimalist and clean look to your private room, right? Choose one of these sleek faucets that are motion activated so you can experience the convenience and modernity that hotel bathrooms offer. That kind of faucet inside your bathroom is really a wonderful update for the coming year. (Photo from Pinterest)

Full-body mirror

We don’t know how many of us have full-body mirrors inside their bathrooms, but if you’re not one of them, then it’s about time to change that half-sized mirror and replace it with a larger one. This can be a form of assessment of your body weight and an encouragement for you to live a healthier lifestyle.

Clear shower screen

Ever grown tired of changing your shower curtains every now and then? If your shower and toilet divider is a fabric, then it’s either you let it hang there unclean after months of use or you spend time to change them. Why not get rid of that chore altogether and just install a shower screen that will be your constant divider. At least you won’t need to change it every once in a while. You don’t even need to worry if it gets broken or damaged because you can easily hire professionals who are skilled in fixing bathroom parts, including all the other additions mentioned here.

PWD-suitable grab bars

Photo from Aging Care

If a person with disability visits your bathroom, will it be safe for him or her? If you haven’t though about that, then it’s time you out an addition to your bathroom that will ensure the safety of PWDs. That is by adding grab bars next to the toilet bowl and in the shower area.

Wall-mounted handsoap tubes

Lastly, this small addition will certainly make it convenient to wash your hands. Instead of the usual soap dish where soaps can slip and fall on the floor or worse, on the toilet bowl, why not add wall-mounted handsoap tubes that you just need to press so you can get your hands clean? These go well with motion-activated faucets.

(Photo from Glorema)