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The walk-in closet, an exclusive modern Italian furniture for the bedroom

The traditional Italian bedroom is composed of some basic elements such as the bed, the night tables, the wardrobe and the chest of drawers. Of course, not all the bedrooms are the same in Italy. Mostly depends on the size of the house and also on the style of the furniture. If you live in a modern open space in Milan or if you have chosen a rustic style for your Tuscan farmhouse, your needs may be different.

However, there is a common element in the Italian style bedroom and it is the wardrobe. In fact, there are many wardrobe models based on the customer’s needs and also based on the size of the room. The classic wardrobes were a bit prohibitive due to the standard dimensions and the little number of materials (wood, mainly). The only option was the opening system: you could choose between sliding or leaf opening door systems.

Nowadays the wardrobe can occupy an entire room and they combine practical and aesthetic sense. It is the case of one of the most exclusive modern Italian furniture for the bedroom, the walk-in closet.

A masterpiece of modern Italian furniture: the walk-in closet

As we know, Italians love fashion so, it is not surprising that in the most modern houses, the wardrobe is no longer a simply armoire or a closet, but it is a large space reserved for clothes and shoes. The walk-in closet model is certainly one of the most exclusive modern Italian furniture for the bedroom.

It is not just the place devoted to clothes and shoes storage. It is something more. It is an intimate place in the bedroom, a private “room in the room” in which you can carefully choose the outfit of the day and you can start the new day in full relax.

“To contain, to store, to sort and to furnish”. This is the way Poliform, one of the most interesting modern Italian furniture manufacturer describes the walk-in closet model.

It is perfectly integrated in the home environment thanks to the simple lines and the modern material used. Finishes are made with contemporary materials such as glass and metal. Wood is the main choice in the large number of cases.

The walk-in closet is a versatile furniture, too. It defines the bedroom spaces and helps to arrange the space according to the function of each element. For example, the sleeping area will be completely separated from the others, so that you should create an intimate space for the night.

Practical and aesthetic sense in modern Italian furniture

This modern Italian furniture is characterized by large-scale modularity so that it is possible to design customized solutions according to every need.

It is made up of several elements such as drawers, shoe racks, trays, trouser or shirt units. They will help you to organize the space according to your lifestyle.

Everything occupies an exact place in the wardrobe, so that it is not possible to waste time looking for those shoes you haven’t wear for months. Thanks to the walk-in wardrobe you should organize dresses, accessories and shoes according to your needs; you should divide your clothes for summer and spring seasons from those for autumn and winter.

This is a masterpiece of contemporary Italian furniture because it perfectly explains the contemporary Italians lifestyle.