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A guide to bulk redgum firewood for sale

Firewood plays an importer role in feeding our fire. The type of wood that we use, its condition and quality can make all the difference in the quality of the fire. However, the moisture level is one of the key consideration that will make your fire to burn clean and in an environmentally-friendly way. In the busy lifestyles that we live today, you should avoid rushing and buying the first red gum firewood for sale that you come across. Instead, you will need to be prepared and to understand what you are actually burning in the fire.

In order to understand this, you will need to realize that firewood for sale Sydney is the fuel that that feeds your fire. Not all kinds of woods are good for whatever role you want to do. While pine is not bad and it is the kind of wood burnt in most countries, it can be quite dry. Redgum on the other hand is the best type of wood for overnight burning. It is also a perfect choice for quickly starting a fire in a cold home. The only downside of this type of wood is that it can take time to get hot. The key thing is for you to understand what you are feeding your fire with.

In order to have seasoned and dry wood, a good idea would be to split the wood, you can look for a good Manual log splitter online. Then, stack the wood in one pile for a period of at least 18 month. A nice pile of wood should be 2 logs deep and it should also be 1 meter high

Dealing with moisture in firewood

All living trees have water which is form of sap. Depending on the kind of species, some wood have more water  than the wood fiber. The moisture content in the wood is usually expressed as the water percentage by weight as compared to the oven dried wood’s weight. When the wood has the same weight of water as the weight that is dried on the oven, this will mean that the moisture content will be 100%. In order for the wood to burn properly, it will require less than 25 percent and should be between 12 and 20 percent. Unless you are living in a very dry area, 12% is the lowest that the moisture content should get.

One of the ways in which you can tell whether the wood is properly dried is to test it using the electrical resistance moisture meter. Another simpler option which may not be very effective is to simply pick the dry wood by looking at the color (which should not be green) and its weight (should be comparatively lighter).