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Four Ways to Maintain Your Industrial Equipment

Buying and maintaining industrial equipment is a major endeavor. Industrial equipment costs a lot of money and you want to maintain the equipment so that you don’t experience any downtime at work. While there is no fool-proof method for ensuring that a piece of equipment lasts forever, there are some basic ways to maintain your equipment so that it will last for many years.

Operator Training

This suggestion is often overlooked because it doesn’t fit the traditional maintenance work of a machine. However, considering that you will have numerous operators handling your equipment, it’s vital to ensure that each operator is trained and certified to handle the equipment. Also, remember that training isn’t a one-time experience. Training should be ongoing and operators should demonstrate their abilities to properly handle each machine on a regular basis.

Filter Replacement

An essential component of any engine or industrial equipment is filters. There are many types of filters including air and oil. Fuel and hydraulic filters are also available depending on the type of equipment. A Donaldson air filter provides the quality you need for your heavy-duty equipment. You will likely know when it’s time to replace a filter due to the performance of the machine. However, if you’re unsure you can always do a visual check of the filter itself. An easy way to make sure you replace filters in a timely manner is to set a schedule according to manufacturer recommendations.

Clean Environment

It’s important to consider where you’re storing your equipment. It’s best to store equipment and machines in a shed or garage out of the elements of weather. This will protect the equipment from wind, rain, hail and more. If you don’t use the equipment often, it’s also a good idea to periodically start up the machine and let it run for a while.

Regular Maintenance

Once you’ve ensured proper operator training, replaced filters and provided a clean environment for your industrial equipment, it’s important to establish a regular maintenance schedule for all other items as well. This includes lubricants, gears, belts, etc. Performing regular maintenance will extend the life of your equipment.

There are several things you can do to protect your investment of industrial equipment. First, make sure your operators are properly and regularly trained. Second, replace filters on a systematic basis. Third, maintain a clean, dry storage environment. And fourth, perform regular maintenance on your industrial equipment.