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Power generators by Portable Battery

The batteries were invented long before the time. They have been the main source of providing electricity in absence of electric supply. Thanks to the civilization, there have been many reforms of the battery. Earlier, the battery was too bulky and big. They mainly contained acid components in them that prompted the flow of electricity in them. They have been a part of gas generators for the longest span of time. But, now there are battery powered generators. Running a generator requires higher load of power, which is usually not possible to generate from small battery systems. However many people have come up with the cleaner choice of using portable battery. Some of them are generated using tArhe tailgaters or campers or goods which are commonly available in the kitchen or through solar power.

Why use Portable battery when you have gas generator?

The portable batteries are battery powered generators which can be easily recharged since, they are solar panel chargers. The solar panel is renewable source of energy which is available abundantly. The energy which is available using the panels is converted n to electricity with the help of the battery. In some of the batteries, the solar panels are sold separately. Since, it is renewable energy they might take some time to generate. However, many advances are being made in the solar power generation too. The batteries are lithium batteries which provide from 0.64 KW of energy to 1.3KW per hour.

The portable battery power generators have come out from the ugly boxes to sleek and perfect outlook. The boxes are cute and easy to install or carry anywhere you want. They stand as a perfect alternative for big boxes which provide solution to all mobile energy troubles. The latest portable batteries are easy to carry and weigh only 34 pounds. The size measurements vary from battery to battery. The smallest mini version of the portable battery has dimensions of 9 * 9 * 14, while the bigger ones weigh up to 46 pounds with slightly bigger dimensions.

The earlier usage of portable battery power generators were the gas batteries. The main source of energy in them is fuel. The common solution was to use the battery without power for the long span of time. The gas generators were not easily mobile, since they contained liquid fuel in them and are not easy to use. The small size portable battery is of advantage to the hikers and campers. They can use these as a source of power station for recharging their mobiles, bikes and small electronic gadgets. In fact, the latest kind of portable battery even supports laptop charging. The mode of connection is very easy. You can just plug in your device and start charging. No pain of using converters or any other kind of electronic gadgets for using these batteries. The batteries come with the USB slots and have multiple power sources. They can handle power in easy like any other regular batteries. To make your life even easy, the new variety of portable batteries are built with LCD screens. They make knowing the battery life and charging percentage easy.