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Simple Ways to Simplify Your Small Business Problems

In preparation for opening your small business, you may find yourself in short supply of the most unexpected tools. Knowing those problems that are likely to arise after opening days helps you to prepare for the worst while minimizing your own stress. You want to be careful to prepare your budget for both the most common issues and be flexible enough to purchase the surprises that only your building has in store.

Tool Kit

Things are going to break, no matter how careful you are. Having a well-rounded tool kit will make your decisions much cheaper and faster when it comes to fixing the leaking sink or the wobbling table. Screwdrivers, hammers, pliers, electrical and duct tape, sandpaper, Allen wrenches, tarp and paint will help in keeping your business running while waiting for a professional to fix the major problems.


Permanent shelving is rarely going to suit your long-term needs. Having a supply of 4 inch caster wheels to make carts mobile, a selection of grid walls and peg boards to adjust your shelf height size to an appropriate area for new products, and extra brackets for support will make your shifting inventory much simpler to make room for. It is difficult to sell what you can not display!

Cleaning Supplies

In addition to the traditional industrial floor cleaner, window cleaner, and toilet bowl cleaner, your supply closet can be filled with other ways of sprucing up the place. A variety of light bulbs and batteries quickly spark up a room, a vacuum hose adjustment can pick up the particles between doors and window sills, and a deodorizer can keep the entrance smelling fresh.

Outside Help

Even if you intend on doing everything yourself, it is important to have backup plans. Is there an accountant you have on call to double check your work? A lawyer to look over your contracts and help you with your questions? A mentor to reassure you when everything falls apart? Or even an employee who can mind the register for a few hours while you are working on inventory or need to take a sick day?

Small business ownership can be exhausting and terrifying, but it can also be engaging and exciting. With some extra tools to make your day-to-day operations easier, you may find yourself leaning more towards the fun parts of entrepreneurship. Double check your budget before you begin to help minimize astronomical expenses after opening day!