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Tips for Designing an Effective Home Garden

The process of designing a garden is a lot like designing a home. You need to research, plan, and hire the right people. The following tips may help you design a smart home garden.

  1. Give a Wide Berth

Your pathways should be wide enough to allow comfortable passage. If there isn’t enough space, you may have trouble getting through the narrow spaces. You should have enough space for two people to walk side by side. Wider berths are especially important if you plan to have tall plants.

  1. Choose Your Shrubs Wisely

Even though there are lots of shrubs that may look good in your garden, some of them may not be appropriate. Choose fire-resistant shrubs such as honeysuckle, sumac, and hedging roses.

  1. Get High-Moisture Plants

Plants with high moisture content are fire-resistant. It is impossible to have plants that are completely fireproof. However, those with high moisture content can resist burning for a long time. Any succulents will work and look well.

  1. Create a Mystery

If you have a small garden space, you can use certain design techniques to make it appear larger. A Japanese design technique, miegakure, is one of the most effective options. It is about partially obscuring certain features to create an illusion of distance. It encourages people to explore your garden.

  1. Plan for Growth

When growing your garden, you must plan for growth. If you make your garden dense right from the start, you may need to move some plants when they mature. Use filler plants to bulk up.

  1. Capture the View Beyond

The Japanese design technique ‘borrowed scenery’ is used to make small outdoor spaces appear bigger and more appealing. Use a view that lies beyond your garden, the feature will create a beautiful view and encourage exploration. Some features that you may use to borrow a view include distant hills or buildings. The Japanese have four categories of borrowed scenery based on their location; low, high, far, and near.

  1. Trick the Eye

When you have a long perspective view, the lines of a walk may appear to converge. They seem to come together towards the end of the view. This visual trick can be used to create a sense of depth in your garden. It can make your garden appear bigger than it actually is. Long straight views naturally encourage you to follow them to the end. Find the longest straight line possible and use it in your garden to your advantage.

  1. Mulch Judiciously

Mulch holds moisture. It keeps your soil cool and moist which is good for your plants. It also slows down the spread of fires. If you are trying to create a fire-resistant garden, consider using noncombustible wood chip mulch.

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