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What to Expect During your home’s Pest Service

Having to deal with pests at home can be a distressing experience. With their creepy nature, along with the potential for disease and damage, it only makes sense to want to exterminate them as quickly as you possibly could.

Keeping your home free of pests is essential for a range of reasons. In addition to the repugnance of the entire scenario, pests like termites are known to cause damage to your property from inside out. Others like roaches carry infection-causing pathogens and also cause allergies. Rodents too, can gnaw and scratch through different things causing thousands of dollars’ worth of damage.  That’s why you need to bring in a team of reputable experts, like those from Madison Pest Control Company, to help address the problem.

If you are considering these services for the first time, you may be wondering what to expect during your home’s pest service. If it’s any consolation, you are not alone. Many people were in the same shoe as you when they were getting started. With this guide, you won’t have to be completely clueless of what to expect.

Here is what happens.


The pest extermination expert will arrive on location fully dressed in their branded job attires (sometimes with a branded automobile) on the agreed date. They will then introduce themselves to you, stating their names, their company and why they have come.

Tip: since the professionals are going to spend some time in your property, you want to make sure that you feel comfortable with their presence. Trust your gut, and if you feel something is amiss, you can stop them right away.


After the pleasantries, the pest control expert will then embark on assessing your home for pest activities, their harborage as well as the entry point. Don’t be surprised when you see them checking every area, including the yard, windows, garages, attic, crawl spaces, around pipes, and so on. Inspection may take a while because the expert needs to identify entry points as well as the hiding spots.

Determine attractions

There is a reason pests are attracted to your home – it could that they have access to food, or moisture or even shelter. Some pests try to run away from adverse weather conditions and find your home conducive. The expert will check all these aspects to determine what’s attracting the pest to your home.

Put together the findings

Once the expert is done with the inspection, it’s likely that they will summarize their findings and even come up with a report too. So, when you see them sitting at the table or their car for a while, don’t be surprised – they are only putting together the review and report as well as creating a treatment plan.


After compiling the report, the expert will inform you of their findings and discuss the available options to fix the problem, if any. This is the best time to ask all the pest control any questions that you have in your mind. Based on the company, the expert may start the first steps to treat your property.