3 Things You Should Know Before Moving to Atlanta


If you’re thinking about moving to Atlanta, you’re not alone. Atlanta is so full of transplants that locals often identify one another by the hospital in which they were born. If you hear someone refer to themselves as a Grady baby, that’s what they’re talking about. You should also know that the locals don’t actually call it Hotlanta. That term is reserved for tourists and bad travel writers. “The A.T.L.” is generally more acceptable, but it’s still not commonly used. Now that you understand the naming conventions, let’s get to know the terrain:

Diverse Culinary Landscape

Atlanta is a foodie’s paradise. If you’re into organic, locally sourced foods, check out one of several weekly farmers’ markets. If you’re more of a restaurateur, try one of the restaurants run by a celebrity chef like Kevin Rathbun or Richard Blais. The Buford Highway also houses a plethora of local restaurants with a variety of ethnic cuisines.

Festivals Galore

Atlantans love their festivals. With events for everything from beer to cosplay, these is something for everyone in Atlanta. These are just a few of Atlanta’s favorite festivals:

  • Dogwood Festival is held in Piedmont Park, one of the largest parks in Atlanta. It hosts everything from arts and crafts to live music.
  • Dragon Con is a sci-fi themed festival held during the late summer. It features a giant parade of cosplayers who march through Atlanta’s streets.
  • Virginia-Highland Summerfest is a street fair in one of Atlanta’s most popular neighborhoods. This festival, held in early summer, has live music, food trucks, and more.
  • Music Midtown is a major music festival held in Piedmont Park. It features multiple stages and has hosted guests like Pearl Jam and Coldplay.

Fortune Five Hundred Employment

When it comes to employment, Atlanta is somewhat of an anomaly. While it’s home to the headquarters of UPS, Coca-Cola, Home Depot, and a number of other Fortune 500 companies, the unemployment rate is close to 8%. People in Atlanta claim that it’s difficult to find a job without a personal connection. If you’re planning to move to Atlanta, make sure you have a plan before packing up your moving boxes.

A Variety of Housing Options

If you’re planning a move to Atlanta, you should know that rental housing market is more affordable than the real estate market. The median sales price for a home in Atlanta is $248,000 which is $60,000 higher than the national average. On the other hand, the average price of a one bedroom apartment is only $726. That’s about half the cost of a one-bedroom apartment in Chicago, New York, or L.A. You should also consider hiring professional movers to save on time and energy.