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5 Helpful Shag Carpet Care Tips

Shag carpets provide a soft and cushy surface that people find very comfortable in their living room or den. However, it can be hard to keep them clean, especially if you have children or pets. These care tips will help you remove dirt and stains and ensure the rug lasts for as long as possible. They’re also beneficial to keep carpet clean under many circumstances, so caring for a shag carpet properly will make your house all that more livable.

1. Properly Loosening Dirt

If a shag rug gets dirty, you can always pick it up and take it outside. Hanging it over a railing is a great way to allow dirt to filter out. You could also beat it with a mop handle or broom to loosen up the dirt that has been trapped inside. Dust and debris may come flying out, but at least it will fall to the ground or soil rather than collect inside your home. To kill bacteria and dust mites, all you need to do is leave the rug out in the sun, and these will die before you take the carpet back inside.

2. Regular Vacuuming

You can vacuum the rug weekly, but daily cleaning can be done if there is lots of traffic, particularly by children or pets. Vacuums that can be adjusted to high pile are best, but anything that helps it glide more smoothly is fine. The goal is to suction as much dirt out as possible. After all, dirt can grind away at the fibers and break them down. Also, vacuum the underside of the rug monthly, standing on one side to anchor the rug so it doesn’t get sucked in.

3. Cleaning Up Spills

Like with a regular carpet, always soak up spills right away. Use a paper towel, white terry facecloth, or a light-colored, absorbent rag. Once the rag is saturated, rinse it and squeeze out the water before tending to the rest of the spill. A white rag has a couple of benefits; first it allows you to see if more of the stain continues to come up, and second, it doesn’t transfer any color to the carpet material.

4. Using a Steam Cleaning Machine

You can steam clean a shag rug. If you rent a machine for this, it will allow you to afford the investment in a cleaning job that can be done once or twice a year. All else you’ll need is a non-foaming detergent and hot tap water. Afterward, you can dry the rug with a fan; after a couple of hours, the air flow will help dry up the rug, which can absorb plenty of water.

5. Use a Dry Shampoo

Occasionally, you can sprinkle some absorbent shampoo granules on the rug. These can be brushed in with the cleaning head bristles of a vacuum. Don’t turn it on yet. The shampoo must sit for a while; the instructions will tell you exactly how long. After the specified time period, vacuum up the granules. This is yet another effective way to clean a shag rug, but if you have questions or need help, Chem-Dry of the Unifour carpet cleaning experts will provide professional assistance.