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5 Layout Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Living with a small bathroom might feel like a challenge at first glance; however, small bathrooms do have their unique charm and allure that, when brought to life through a carefully designed layout, can outshine any capacious setting and become your favorite room in the house. In fact, your bathroom can become a true oasis of peace and positivity where you can de-stress and wash away the trouble of the outside world.

With that in mind, there are numerous layouts that can bring this serene feeling to life, while looking roomier than ever before. Here are the top five layouts for small bathrooms you’re going to love.

Small bathroom with a separate bath and shower

Let’s begin with the most unimaginable design for a small bathroom. Having a shower and a bath might seem like wishful thinking, but if you have as little as 45 sq. feet of room, you’re in luck. That said, you will have to conserve as much space as possible, in order to retain maneuverability and eliminate the sense of confinement.

A great way to achieve this is to replace your traditional swing door with a sliding door. The bathroom will contain a vanity, a toilet, a bathtub and a standard shower next to it. Mount a towel rack on the wall opposite to the vanity and opt for vertical storage to save more space.

Third-quarter layout

A 36 sq. feet floor plan is the smallest full bathroom size that can support a bathtub, a vanity, and the toilet. While both the bath and the shower can work in this type of setting, you want to think about conserving as much space as possible, so a shower positioned in the corner might help declutter the room.

The vanity and the sink can also be fitted in the opposite corner for extra space, with the toilet mounted against the opposite wall. Positioning your shower and vanity this way instead of against the wall will help move them away and retain a sense of spaciousness that wouldn’t otherwise exist.

Full-size small bathroom

A full bathroom consists of a vanity, toilet, and bathtub. You can also consider a shower if you’re working with a 36 sq. feet floor plan, but if you have at least 40 sq. feet of room, you can opt for a proper bathtub. In order to allow the room to breathe and retain a sense of spaciousness, consider small bathtubs or even freestanding models instead of the traditional ones. This will make your bathroom layout more flexible and it will allow you to introduce more features into the room.

Complement the bathtub with a toilet and a vanity, and consider adding vertical storage on the opposite wall or next to the mirror. Again, it would be wise to replace your swing door with a sliding model in order to save some room.

Half bathroom layout

A half bathroom only contains a sink and a toilet, and given the fact that it’s usually between 20 and 30 sq. feet, it is also one of the smallest bathroom layouts you can find. Typically, these bathrooms are used for emergencies and as ancillary facilities in the household; however, they can serve as a full bathroom if you are willing to make some adjustments.

While there is definitely not enough space for a shower or a tub, you can install a sink faucet converter in order to create an impromptu shower. If you install a drain on the floor as well, you will have no problem performing every task just like in a traditional bathroom without having to sacrifice extra space.

Small narrow bathroom

Arranging your bathroom amenities in a small and narrow room can be quite challenging, especially when trying to retain a bit of maneuverability. Small, narrow bathrooms are usually between 27 and 32 sq. feet, and while they are not spacious in any shape or form, they can accommodate all of your essential fixtures without posing a threat to your elbows or pinkies.

Consider either an outward swinging door or a sliding door. The shower of a small bath should be positioned against the far short wall, while the toilet and the vanity should be aligned against the same long wall. Position the smallest amenity (in most cases this is the vanity) closer to the door, followed by the toilet and the shower.

Having a small bathroom is not supposed to feel like a sentence you have to endure. Instead, you can make the most out of the space you have to create a truly wonderful setting you can enjoy on a daily basis. Consider one of these functional and efficient layouts in order to bring a sense of spaciousness to your small bathroom.