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7 Ideas And Tips To Make The Best Use Of A Loft Conversion

Have you considered whether you are making proper use of your loft space? For the most part, lofts are used to store unused holiday decorations and toys the children no longer use. Essentially, these are wasted spaces if not used correctly. Now is the right time to get into the loft and do a little cleaning. There is so much more than you can do with your loft space.

Many lofts have been expertly crafted by South London builders but are not being used to their full potential. Here are simple tricks and ideas you can use to completely transform your loft space:

Relaxed seating area

One of the best ways you can use your loft space is to convert it into additional seating space. Being situated at the top of a house means that your loft is usually a quiet area. This also means that the area can easily be turned into a welcoming and relaxing sitting area. Use muted and natural colours to bring tranquillity to the area.

Another bedroom

Are you expecting a few extra guests over the holiday? Maybe you have another member of the family of the way? For whichever reason you choose to do it, your loft can quickly and easily be transformed into a brand new bedroom. Decorating your loft as a bedroom is limited only by your imagination

A Study

Lofts are a great and fun place for youngsters to study. The quiet area works great to block out distractions. Converting your loft into a study area is also super simple. Add in a desk, fan and a comfortable chair and your set to get studying. Even better, get the children involved in decorating their study space.

Game time

Even the smallest of lofts can be used as a games room. You simply need to add in a table and a few chairs and you’re ready for the next games night with friends. If you have a larger area you could even add in a pool table or dart board. Having a separate gaming area also means that your house will stay clean.

Just for chilling

You can easily make the most of a quiet loft area by turning it into a place of relaxation. Deck the area out in soft colours and have relaxing music playing. This area can now be used as a point for meditation.


Lofts are great for home offices. If you work from home you might find that you can get easily distracted by everything around you. Having a separate area where you can work without distractions will mean that you will get more done.

Reading area

Books take up a lot of space in your house and it is often not easy to find a quiet space to relax and read a book. Take all your books into the loft and create your own personal library area. Furnish the area with a kettle and a few bean bags to create the perfect reading area.