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Colorful Countertops: New Styles Mean Even More Options

It’s well known that quartz is a fantastic material to use for countertops in the home because the man-made factory process of producing the substance means it can be designed in a huge range of colors and styles, whether it’s a single hue or made to look like natural stone – and the new Q Premium Natural Quartz collection adds the following 10 quartz countertop colors to the range of options:

1. Carrara Marmi Quartz: One of the simplest of the new designs, this countertop (like many of the other new designs) features a white base with just a handful of subtle darker veins. It’s ideal for a room where the overall goal is an understated look that projects simplicity.

2. Blanca Arabescato Quartz: Because quartz is man-made, it can be produced to resemble a whole host of materials, including natural stone, such as marble. This particular design evokes the image of marble with its white base and thick brown veins throughout the material.

3. Calacatta Laza Quartz: Another quartz countertop that is designed to resemble marble, this one features much larger, thicker brown veins for a more dramatic visual impact.

4. Blanca Statuarietto Quartz: Another white base quartz countertop, this time featuring very slight gold veins and specks – squint and you might miss them. The subtle, understated look of this countertop means it works in the kitchen, bathroom and many other rooms.

5. Calacatta Pearl: For homeowners looking to make their kitchen or bathroom look particularly elegant, this design is a wonderful choice. The white and grey background has long thin veins of other colors, projecting an image of class and sophistication in any room.

6. Calacatta Taj Quartz: This design is named after the stunning white materials used to build the Taj Mahal, an ivory-white marble mausoleum in India. But that same appearance of a simple white background with thin gold-colored veins is achieved at a much lower price in the home, because unlike expensive marble the same look is achieved with more-affordable quartz.

7. Carrara Caldia Quartz: If none of the above designs appeal, consider this style – it’s a white background with small round and vein-like markings in a subtle gold. It’s a warm, stylish design that’s also very adaptable to a huge range of different interior design projects. 

8. Carrara Marmi Quartz: Similar to the Carrara Caldia Quartz, this is another subtle white quartz countertop with very faint veins in a darker shade for a modern yet timeless look.

9. Midnight Majesty Quartz: Of course, you may sometimes have a room with darker fixtures that similarly warrant using a darker shade of quartz. Thankfully there are options in the Q Premium Natural Quartz collection, including Midnight Majesty Quartz which has a solid black base with flecks of lighter colors to work well in any room requiring a non-white countertop.

10. Babylon Gray Concrete Quartz: Another option for darker quartz countertops, this one has a gray base that’s lighter than Midnight Majesty Quartz and instead of specks, it features swirls of black and white throughout for a versatile countertop that works in light and dark rooms.