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Custom Building Your Home

While DIY projects can be many times cost-effective, easy to do and to be encouraged, you cannot disregard the advantages of having professional, certified St. Augustine home builders custom build that home for you. In fact, you’ll end up comparing peaches with watermelons.

In keeping with our style of presenting dynamic and thought-provoking concepts in improving your home, there’s nothing like having professionals, such as Collins Builders based out of Jacksonville, Fla. and its surrounding areas, do the job that brings you peace of mind and security for yourself and your family.

Community-minded and community contributors, local home builders are more acquainted with what you’ll need to design, start and finish your home building or remodeling needs.

What Your Local Home Builder Should Know

~ Where to buy better quality materials at cost-effective prices.

~ Your vision or your dreams put down on blueprint and carried out to fruition.

~ Local or regional zoning, variance and permit-pulling parameters.

What Else Should A Superior Custom Builder Have In Their Organization

~ Expert and skilled company representatives.

~ An implemented communications system where the customer knows what is going on at all times. This can be done through the use of text messaging, phone calls, emails and whatever else it takes to keep you our customer informed of the process.

~ Responsible start and completion dates for your custom-built addition or remodeling project.

~ Giving the customers accurate estimates and quotes before they sign on the dotted line.

Building With Integrity

Striving to make a profit is at the bottom line of each business owner. However, making a profit at a customer’s expense ,while short-changing the customer, is not integrity.

Things to watch out for by customers can be not keeping their word when a builder gives it. Frequently changing circumstances and all without first notifying the customers, over inflated prices, inferior materials, upped prices and prolonged building time schedules with teams disappearing for stretches of time, all these indications are simply red warning signs that unfortunately something is not right.

Building around you the customer should also be the firm’s focus and not the other way around. Yes, that’s right. A quality custom builder is customer-driven and one way to check for one is of course the time-honored and preferred way of word-of-mouth recommendations from family, friends and co-workers.

Another way to check for the best industry builders is by going to their website and taking a little virtual tour. Then, call them today for more information from their customer reps for more vital information. Remember, a good custom builder will build your dreams–and not theirs.