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Get familiar with the properties of viscose rugs

A viscose rug is created from artificial rayon filaments that do not hold up fine to foot traffic. These rugs look as well as feel similar to the softest velvets and they add a hint of luxury to your room. For making a luxurious and fashionable statement to the low traffic flow areas, like your bedroom, a 100% pure viscose rug looks glamorous and stylish. Viscose rugs turn as an affordable substitute to the natural silk rugs and these carpets are created from a material which is known as rayon. These rugs do differ from silk rugs in various ways. The fibers of these rugs are highly fragile and need special care for keeping them clean.

The new well-known ‘bamboo silk’ is a kind of viscose which is manufactured from bamboo in place of wood pulp. This is the reason; bamboo silk is also recognized as bamboo viscose. The cool, breathable, and silky fiber of viscose rugs turn as a natural substitute for real silk due to its performance and affordability. You can do regular vacuuming to it which would blog spills fast, but don’t rub. This way, you will continue to enjoy the usual beauty of viscose for many years to come. For more information on viscose rugs, visit https://rugsrugsrugs.com.au/collections/viscose-rugs.

Cleaning of the viscose rugs

For cleaning the viscose rugs, you must follow the below mentioned things:

  • Push a carpet sweeper towards the way of the nap – A high-power vacuum cleaner with beater brushes might damage a viscose rug’s fibers. So, you can use a carpet sweeper and run it towards the nap or pile of the rug. You should go over your rug several times when it is still dirty.
  • Make use of a mild dish soap for cleaning spills – You can test the dish soap on a little portion of the rug prior to using it. Now, if you discover some kind of staining or discoloration, then don’t use it. When you are required to clean a larger area, then you can consider using mild dish soap along with water.
  • Clean the rug with water, white vinegar, and dish soap – For cleaning tough stains, you can attempt to spot clean the portion with a combination of white vinegar, water, and mild dish soap. However, in no condition, do oversaturate the rug as it might damage your rug. You can also spray one fab softener on your rug post spot cleaning for keeping it soft.