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Greenworks 25302

Your house and your surroundings say a lot about you as a person. While a poorly kept house and a garden scream laziness, a well-maintained home and a freshly mowed garden reflect on your sophistication and decency.

While home décor is an immensely crucial factor of maintaining your house, how you treat your garden is equally important. It is because it usually serves to be the first thing people see. And you wouldn’t want people judging your home management skills based on overgrown grass.

Hence, it is integral for you to invest in a high-quality lawn mower. While there are various options to choose from, Greenworks 25302 proves to be an excellent choice.

Dual Motor Design

This push lawn mower is equipped with a dual motor design which allows it to stand out from an array of similar lawn mowers. It is because this dual motor is the key reason via which this lawn mower has managed to deliver enhanced cutting performance.

The cutting blades of this motor are 10-inch and are made of metal. Such short cutting blades allow this product to provide finer clippings and hence cleaner results.

Extended run time

Another value-added feature this product succeeds in providing an extended operation time. Such a feature is ensured by the addition of a dual battery design in the product. The lawn mower uses two 40V lithium-ion batteries to function. While one of the battery is responsible for delivering 73Wh, the other one provides 146Wh. Together, these batteries allow for longer run time.

Moreover, the cells do not take a lot of time to recharge which further adds on to the convenience of using this mower. While the 73Wh battery takes up to 60 minutes, the 146Wh one needs approximately 120 minutes to charge fully.

Once charged, the mower can be used for around 70 minutes which is enough of a time for you to beautify your garden. The dual battery design of the product comes in handy when one of the battery runs out during operation. At such a time the mower simply switches to the other cell, thereby allowing you to continue your task.


All in all, Greenworks 25302 succeeds in being an excellent mower. While the mower may feature some flaws, just like any other lawn mower, you can be assured that you will be provided with enough value-added functions to make up for the cons.

Purchase a lawn mower. Set a precedent of cleanliness.