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Hang Pictures Symmetrically

Whenever you hang pictures in your home, you need to spend a significant amount of time measuring and using a level. What if there was an easy way to hang pictures?

Identify Location

Where you hang your picture is going to have an impact on the room. Typically, you want to make sure that the focal point of the picture is high-level when you walk into the room. If it is too high, people will strain to see it. If it’s too low, people may miss the picture entirely.

Once you identify the general location, you also have to think about symmetry. You have likely been inside someone’s home that didn’t bother to measure anything. They simply took a nail and a hammer and decided to eye shot the entire thing.

The center of the picture should be in the center of the wall. The only exceptions are if there are other things on the wall that need to be taken into consideration. This includes such things as a bookcase or a couch.

Take Your Measurements

Once you are completely ready to hang your picture, you will need to make some measurements. This includes using a tape measure so that you can determine the center of the wall. You will also need to use a level so that you can make sure that the picture is level before you walk away.

Although you may think that you are able to eye shot hanging a picture, you need to establish symmetry. Otherwise, the picture is always going to look a little off when it is on the wall.

A view basic measurements will go a long way. Although it may be time-consuming, you can be assured that the art will look better on the wall. Additionally, if you are hanging multiple pictures or creating a collage, you will definitely need to do some basic measurements so that everything has sufficient flow.