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HD vs Standard Security Cameras: How do they compare?

Security cameras have become a significant factor in residential and commercial building safety. After all, everyone has the right to a safeguarded home or workplace at all times. In today’s age when crimes happen everywhere, a security camera is a wise investment in protecting ourselves and our families from any unfortunate incident. Footages from these cameras are being used as hard evidence for theft, burglary, and even murder. Monitoring and reviewing footages from inside and outside of your home or office is a way to reassure you that somehow, these types of crimes can be prevented. If not, at least they can be solved.

With the many technological advancements in today’s age, it is not surprising that there are hundreds of different types of security cameras out there. One major factor that can help you in deciding which one to install is its video quality. Standard security cameras used to do the work well, but with the advent of high-definition (HD) ones, a huge difference is depicted clearly. Here are some their major differences:

1. Face recognition. Obviously, a camera that recognizes face better becomes more useful when working with crimes and such. An HD camera captures details better, and it recognizes the face and other details clearer.
2. Essential details. Most standard security cameras capture a car passing by, but it might have issues with identifying its plate number. An HD camera is typically able to recognize small details that contain relevant data. A high-quality footage that can identify a plate number several feet away is easily achievable with an HD camera. Crisp and clear details are necessary especially in the dark with the night vision on.
3. Advanced software. Most standard cameras work pretty basic, they stream and or record endless footages, and that’s it. With HD cameras, they are also built to work beyond video streaming or recording. Some have a two-way audio system with a built-in speaker and a microphone. Audio systems are essential for noise-activated video recordings. Others may be programmed to count the number of people going in and out of a certain establishment. Some may be adjusted to record and send push notifications to your smart phone or e-mail.

HD security cameras have more desirable features than a standard camera. It can be frustrating to see a pixelated and blurred image of a thief in your home, right? But if you have a well-working standard camera installed, should you switch to HD? The answer really depends on how you use your camera for. Normally, HD cameras are used outdoors where more details need to be captured in high quality. If you are using your security camera inside your home, or as a nanny monitor, then a standard CCTV camera should be fine.

While there are no guarantees for safety, we can still take action to make our families safe and secured. The CCTV cameras in our home or office can give us a sense of protection and peace of mind in some way. Being alert and proactive is always a better choice for safety.