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How a French Drain System Prevents Interior Damage to Your Home

French drains are an increasingly popular way to deal with unwanted water collection near the foundation of any building. Not addressing a lack of adequate drainage can and will lead to serious damage to your home.

Drainage Issues Can Bring Big, Expensive Problems

Rain, melting snow and ice can all inundate the exterior of your home with water. With adequate drainage, it is not much of an issue. If there are weaknesses in the ability to water to run off away from the home you could end up having serious troubles. The water will collect around the basement or foundation walls.

What happens when your foundation sinks?

When the soil near and under the foundation becomes saturated with this water, the foundation will begin to sink. Even a slight uneven settling of the foundation can cause huge problems inside your home. It can lead to doors and windows that are difficult or impossible to operate. It can lead to the need for wall crack repair Erie PA. The foundation walls can also develop cracks or collapse with enough uneven settling.

The Only Cure Is Moving Water Away

The drainage issues will have to be dealt with in order to provide permanent relief from this problem. One way to do this is to ensure there is an intact gutter system that leads water away from the foundation.

The French Drain Solution

Having a French drain installed is an effective solution for areas that are prone to collecting large amounts of water. It will lead it over into a drainage field, or directly into the sewer.

As long as the foundation of a home is placed on solid ground, there is very little beyond a serious natural disaster that can cause problems, with the exception of pooled water. Quality drainage is an area you need to take a closer look at if you notice large amounts of water collecting after a hard rain.