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How much electricity does a fan use compared to air conditioning?

The weather gets just too hot during summers such that it feels like you are living in a furnace. People choose different methods to beat the heat and stay cool in the scorching summers. Two of the most common means to cool down the space you live in is through a fan or air conditioning.

While both of these options are capable of giving you some relief from the heat by keeping you cool, their functioning and the cost involved is different for both of them. With the rising electricity costs over the years it is important to figure out what is a more affordable means to keep yourself cool during summers and still save money.

Air conditioning

What is air conditioning? Air conditioning is basically a way in which we use refrigeration to lower the temperature inside with a process called Phase Conversion. Basically, when a liquid would convert into gas it would absorb heat and the air would get cooled down. This cool air will then be distributed around the room by the air conditioning fans and any unwanted heated air would get dispelled to cool the room properly for your ease.


Fans do not work on decreasing the temperature of the room. They just simply blow the heat that surrounds you. As they blow away the heat surrounding your body, your body’s natural cooling process starts working more efficiently. To know how a fan works or the types of fan available in the market you can visit http://atomberg.com/

Electricity Cost

Even the most efficient, newest models of air conditioners consume a lot of your home electricity units. On a normal summer day in any normal household, the air conditioner consumes the greatest amount of electricity, which cannot be used by any other single appliance in the home. One quarter of the utility bill goes to the department of air conditioning.

A typical window air conditioner that runs for 12 hours a day uses 335 kilowatt hours per month that costs around $40 per month to operate at the rate of 12 cents per kilowatt hour.

Now let us compare this with the electricity consumed by a fan. A midsize ceiling fan set on high speed for 12 hours per day costs you just a penny per hour. That makes it to be just $3, 5 per month, when calculated with the same rate of 12 cents per kilowatt hour.

So, do you see the huge difference between the electricity usage of a fan and air conditioning? It is indeed huge.

But should you be opting for air conditioning even after this huge difference between the electricity usage and costing of a fan and air conditioning? Let us look at the advantages and disadvantages of both the options.

Advantages of Air Conditioning

  • Maintains room temperature at a specified temperature
  • Have a cool room
  • Removes moisture and humidity
  • Cools the entire room

Disadvantages of Air Conditioning

  • Costly
  • You need to keep the room closed.

Advantages of a Fan

Disadvantages of a Fan

  • Does not decrease the temperature
  • Does not shows its effect in the entire room
Use a Combination of Both Fan and Air Conditioning

One thing you can do to enjoy the bests of both these options is to use a planned, strategic combination of a fan and air conditioning for keeping your surroundings cool and beat the heat.

You can put on the air conditioner and once the air around you gets chilled you can use your ceiling fan to move around that chilled air. It is like adding the effect of natural breeze to your room along with saving on the electricity costs and yet keeping the place cool. This process equates to save money.