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How to Get Your Roof Washed

Roof of your house is an open place that gets dirty very often and needs to be cleaned time to time. With the air dust come on the roof and because of the moisture it sticks there. When you walk on the roof or birds come it gets dirty. The garden that you made on your roof also makes it dirty. To clean the roof is a tiring job as it is the largest floor of your house. The floor of your roof is not smooth like inside your house and for this reason removing the dirt is a tough job. Here, we will discuss about the difference between cleaning your with a machine and without machine.

Without a Machine

For cleaning your roof you need mane instruments such as a brush, bucketful water, detergent, broom, etc. Remove all the things and furniture that are residing there. After removing all the stuffs sweep the entire roof using your broom. This will help you to wash your roof easily. If your roof is enclosed than throw the dust in the bin instead of keeping in one corner. Spray water on one part of your roof. Don’t get the entire roof wet at once because it will dry before you finish cleaning. Use detergent and start rubbing the surface with the brush. Clean one side and wash it immediately before it dries up. Keep rubbing before you finish cleaning your entire roof. After cleaning place all your furniture and the other stuffs on their previous places. Your work is done. >> How to clean your roof without machine

With a Machine

To clean with a machine a pressure washer is the best device you can use. Set your machine up for cleaning; remove all your furniture and other pots from the roof. Sweep the roof to clean all the small dirt, leaves, fragments of papers, etc; throw the dusts in your dustbin. Put water and detergent in a bucket if you don’t have a detergent tank attached to your device. Start spraying the water through the spray gun of your device; hit the tough dirt with 15 or 25-degree nozzle to get the best result. Keep your spray close to the surface so that the pressurized water hits the dirt really hard. Start from one corner or one side and finish on the other to get best result. You don’t have to take the tension of spraying water again and again. In one go your entire roof will be clean. Now bring all your furniture, pots and pans and keep in their previous place. Clean the sidings or the railing of your roof nicely. Your roof will look nice and beautiful.

Which one is Better

Now the question is that whether using machine to clean the roof is better than without using one. It is obvious that using a machine saves your time and gives you an effective cleaning but it takes your investment to buy a machine. Machine is actually your one-time investment that gives you service for a long period of time. If you don’t want to invest than you have to spend a lot of your time and energy to clean your roof.

Nowadays there are many options available in front of you to get your cleaning work done. It actually depends on you which one you will choose. It is better and smart to go with the technology instead of avoiding them. They will make your life easy, comfortable and fast.