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How to make glamour your living

The living room is the place where we usually entertain our guests, maybe before dinner together. At the same time this environment is the ideal place to relax after a stressful day. For us at Masoni, furnishing it to the best is essential to fully enjoy its beauty and functionality. How to do it? Simple, just follow these little tips.

  1. Light-colored walls with large picture and mirror
    For the walls, we recommend that you prefer light colors that increase the perception of space, using a lighter shade than the walls for the roof to give a greater sense of height. It is advisable to place a great big picture that captures the attention, rather than many small ones that would only confuse. A mirror above the couch or near a window is a great idea, even better than the extravagant and original form.
  2. High curtains
    Choose lightweight fabric curtains that let the sunlight, always tiny shades, from the windows up and down to the ground, filter out the best: this sensing increases the perception of ceiling height and has a decidedly glamorous effect.
  3. Mini sofas and space-saving tables
    In a living worthy of this name, the couch to which we can associate poufs can’t miss . They perform the function of comfortable containers besides furnishing, to always keep order in the room. A good idea would be to put in front of the couch or the armchairs a nice side table with a particular design or a transparent table to give more space. These tables can be very useful as a backstop when you need something for guests. For this purpose, you could also add a small frigobar cupboard included for always having drinks ready to serve.
  4. Lighting
    Avoid choosing a chandelier too large or not too pompous. It is also advisable to use the appliqué, with its attractive design, to illuminate the particular furnishing of the room in order to attract more attention to them.
  5. Multifunctional furniture
    To overcome space problems and meet the different needs of a living room, the choice of a fitted wall is almost mandatory. Masonionline.com provides many solutions to this with a single mobile, so many features, covering only one wall: TV stands and various readers, drawers and counters in quantity to store whatever, from DVDs to flatware and glasses, from tablecloths to silverware. All this in a single mobile that besides the functionality gives the room a touch of design.