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Renovating House: a creative act

Projects for the renovation of a home can be multiple and linked to the structural requirements of home security and living, or reinterpretation of existing projects, or family events, personal extras or even the change of destination use of a home.

Where to start

A renovation work starts from the floor plan needed to find innumerable solutions in compliance with structural and implant constraints. For example, making changes to the partition distribution is allowed, you can even remove it completely to create an open space; while, of course, the pillars and drains of white and black water are definitely binding.

Expand spaces
Often the best ideas arise in the effort to optimize small surfaces and housing needs. The interior space is thought out so that it is more fluid and more functional.

The classic themes of the renovation
On the subject of renovation, how to forget the recovery of attics? Even the bathroom environment is one of the most popular to give new life to the home, not to mention the finishing of the walls, revitalized by quality plaster or coated with synthetic or stone materials. The original floor is almost always removed because it raises the floor height, not allowing the doors to open.

Technological choices
The intervention that appears more expensive actually allows a significant reduction in costs and an increase in the functionality and comfort of the home environment. With regard to technological restructuring, a large investment that will save you in the future, however, is thermal insulation, modification of the windows, intelligent hot / cold management, intelligent switching with remote intelligent management of centralized implants.

In order to renovate a house, the company chosen for the work must first consider the needs of the buyer. For this reason a professional technical valuation is valuable to verify the feasibility of each request. Choosing the right professionals is therefore crucial to getting specific advice and tailored to our needs.