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The 2 most used wardrobe Design styles and opening systems

Aesthetic and functionality are the two, main features that people take into consideration when they are going to choose a new wardrobe design.

Of course, aesthetic is something personal. It regards each one lifestyle and interests. Also, it depends on the style of your house. Surely, an industrial-style kitchen does not suits a dining room furnished with Shabby Chic furnitures.

What about the functionality? Modern wardrobes are devised to fulfil every space and organizational need.

In this article we would like to suggest you the perfect design according to your needs. Let’s find out more about the two most common styles and opening systems you should find in online shops and stores.

The sliding doors opening system

When you have to buy a new wardrobe the first doubt is that about the doors: it is better to choose the sliding door wardrobe or the leaf door system?

The first one is the most used probably due aesthetic reasons. Usually, a classic wardrobe measures 3 meters in length and it can be divided into six doors at least. The wardrobe with sliding doors can be divided into two or three doors, instead. Wardrobe dimensions do not change but people perceive the sliding door wardrobe as a lighter structure that integrates better with the surrounding environment.

Indeed, there are two practical reasons why to choose this opening system. The first one regards the space because usually, sliding doors models are deeper than the others so they allow you to store more stuffs.

Also, if your bedroom is too small, you have to plan where to place each piece of furniture so that all the doors and the drawers can be opened. With this opening system, the doors slide over each other so you won’t have to worry about anything.

Plus: it allows to manage better the narrow spaces.

Minus: the sliding door system is more expensive than the leaf door ones.

The wall-mounted wardrobe design

The wall-mounted wardrobe is the ideal solution for both small and large spaces.

If your bedroom is little or it is set in a attic with a sloping roof, you will need to choose the most functional solution that will allow you to store as many things as possible, without making the room too narrow and cramped.

The wall-mounted model may seem not a good idea because it covers the entire wall surface, from the floor to the ceiling, so we suggest you to prefer light colors. They can make the difference! The light colors reflect the natural light and make the interiors more spacious.

Also, the wall-mounted model fits perfectly with large spaces such as modern bedrooms and open spaces. It can be put in the middle of the room so that it separates the night zone from the living room, for example. In this case, the piece of furniture becomes a structural element of the house, as a wall itself. Don’t forget to choose a light color or a dark color mixed with modern materials such as glass and metal. They make it lighter.

Plus: it allows to manage better the large spaces and to store as many stuffs as possible.

Minus: dark colors make it cramp.