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The best design trends for 2019  

Patio doors add some variations to the functionality of your house. These entryways add some artistic appeal to your home. Currently, there are many emerging trends of patio doors that you can use since the custom creation of patio doors is common. If you desire to upgrade your home with sliding patio doors, then you can learn a lot from the latest trends listed below. Let us dive into the latest trends in sliding patio doors.

Multi-panel Door Systems

To have a taste of luxury in your home, insert multi-panel panel doors and floor-to-ceiling glass. You can place the patio doors close to the windows to take advantage of the length of view, ventilation, and natural daylight. Sliding patio doors can capture this trend because it is easy to set up.

Energy Efficient Doors

If you want to maintain consistent indoor temperatures, energy efficient doors are the best doors to use as they also provide the best comfort. There are different kinds of energy efficient doors, like the bifold patio doors or the dual pane glass that offers improved insulation. The dual pane glass also has low-E glass coating that blocks UV rays to maintain a stable temperature in the house. You can choose to use a glass-filled spacer to improve the thermal performance of the doors. These doors will also help you to lower the heating and cooling costs.

Dark Coloured Frames

If you want a creative, sophisticated, and stylish look, then use dark coloured frames in patio doors. This option is great if you don’t want to do lots of window treatment because the frame provides a visual treat to the house. To create a significant contrast, mix and match the doors with white walls.

Slim Frames

A slim frame can offer a sense of style to your house. If you want to draw the attention of your neighbours, design patio doors with a clean line. The slim frames on patio doors also offer a streamlined and contemporary look. This is a popular style because it is simple, and it connects easily with modern designs.

Using the Outdoors as an Extension of Your Indoors

Patio doors are used to extend the indoor living space to the outdoors. This is a trend that has enabled many interior designers to integrate the interior designs of the house with the patio. Patios now have outdoor kitchens, converted shed, and beautifully designed furniture. A smoother visual transmission between the indoor and outdoor can be easy with a trendy patio door.


There are different designs of patio doors that bring about fresh air into your home. You can learn more about the current trends of sliding patio doors that can improve the functionality and appeal of your house.