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The Mood brought by December Feels

Wow! My favorite month of the year has finally come. Before I know it, it’s almost over. The festive celebration here in the country is really noticeable. In fact, as early as the last week of November, I already see some decorations here and there – in schools, government buildings, and of course, malls and commercial establishments!

The merriest season of the year is indeed here! Everywhere, I hear Christmas carols, I see people piling up on the mall and stores to buy Christmas presents and goodies. People start to list down the things they want to receive for Christmas. Parties are all over the place. That’s hard to ignore now that the traffic situation is starting to get worse. Surely, this time of the year is also the busiest for streets and train tracks all over the country.

Sadly, however, work still needs to be done at this period of the year. 2017 is nearly ending yet the pile of work is still present. Good thing the weather cooperates and even serves as a huge help in making each day of work ore bearable. Commuting from home to the office and back is more comfortable because it’s a lot colder than the usual. Going to the mall on weekends is also more comfortable to do these days.

However, the water supply in our city also lowers in temperature when December comes. As the cold Christmas wind blows, so does the temperature drops. This is one special reason why having a home water heater is very important. Waking up early in the morning is also a struggle. Having to take a bath with a cold water is another challenge that takes a lot of time to accomplish during December. For this reason, water heater is one bathroom fixture in our house that I ensured to have when they were constructing it.

I mean, a hot bath after work or before going to work in a cold morning of December is simply something I wouldn’t dare miss. The relaxing experience of having warm bath everyday is just incomparable.

I inherited this habit from my grandfather who always seems to be excited about having a warm bath in the morning and even at night. I grew up with him in my parents’ house so I’ve always been curious about it. So since I was a kid, I’ve been indulging in warm bath day and night. So when I became independent and started to rent out a place near my office, I would always ask the landlord if the bathroom has a water heater. That was my number one requirement. I think a private relaxing bath at home contributes positively and immensely to the overall physical, emotional, and psychological wellness of a person. This is the reason why I’ve always been the calm and satisfied one in all organizations and workplaces I’ve been in.

I’ve also learned that professional repair and installation of home water heater is indispensable if you enjoy basking in warm water inside your own bathroom at home. Just like all our other home fixtures and appliances, water heater needs regular maintenance, occasional repairs, and sometimes installation of a brand new one.

I love the cold months and I love having water heater at home too. I think these two complement each other.