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What are the causes of A/C leakage?

Are you witnessing water puddles around you’re A/C unit interiorly or exteriorly in your office or house but you do not have any clue. First of all turn of the A/C unit to avoid any further damage from the water to the wiring or the electricity. Secondly contact public adjuster services  so that they can evaluate the unit and let you know if you can file an insurance claim in the current situation. There are many things that can be observed in order to have an efficient A/C unit you must check the following:

AC Unit Installed Imperfectly

A/C units are likely to be leaking if they are installed imperfectly. Such as extreme pressure, accumulated can also result in leakage. To evaluate both of them, first of all, check if the unit is on the level. If the unit is installed in level, you must search for the vents that are closed in your house this can build pressure on the A/C. Commonly new air conditioner have issues right after the installation.

 Damaged Condenser Pump

You must check the condenser pump that may be broken. To check if the condenser pump is damaged, pour water on the condenser pan. If it is alright, it will pump out the water well. If the excess water is not pumped out well you must check if the pump is getting enough power or not. If it is properly powered then it might be the condenser or the motor. You must contact an expert to see what the exact problem is.

 Clogged Drain Line Hole

The air conditioning unit has a drainage hole for the removal of water and it can get blocked as well. You must keep the tube clean so that any debris or dirt may not get inside and block the tube. If there is something clogged in you must remove it so that the water can exit freely.


The AC Seals not properly fitted

If the air condition seals are not perfectly fitted, for example being lose etc. It can let hot air to enter; once the hot air hits the cold air inside the AC, the condensed water is accumulated under the AC. Resealing is the only solution to this problem.

 Weather Temperatures

The climatic fluctuation outside can impact on the AC especially when the weather is colder outside, it can also excess water as well. Excess water leakage means it will puddle here and there and because of colder weather it takes ages to dry. In case the water puddle is small, it will dry up in no time once the temperature gets hotter.

Air Filters Get Dirty

The most neglected side of the unit is the AC air filters. Once they are dirty it can result in blocked airflow and not enough air comes to the evaporator coil. This affects the coils to become cold and freeze up. Once the coils become normal and start to melt and fall. It is suggested to change air filter every 1 to 3 months.

Now you know several reasons for the leakage of you’re A/C units, so be careful to avoid further damages in future.