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A cordless drill refers to a versatile device

A cordless drill refers to a versatile device meant to drill holes as well as drive screws. This is something a tradesperson should not miss. The most preferred one is that with lots of power and torque. This makes drilling and screw-driving into various materials quite easier. In addition, an appropriate cordless impact drill should be equipped with a battery pack (can even be two), and such features as multiple gears and multiple settings among others. If you are seeking information on everything about cordless drills then read below.

Types of Drill

There are two major types of drills:

Drill drivers. These ones are employed when drilling holes as well as driving screws through timber, metal or plastic. This is the most common type and what most of the users’ review.

Hammer drill. These ones work the same way as drill drivers, though they are accompanied with a hammer setting, a feature that rocks the drill bit either into or out for masonry drilling. They are often weightier than drill drivers.

Other common types you are likely to come across in a hardware include:

Rotary Hammers. This is particularly a weighty-duty form of the hammer drill. It is often utilized by traders.

Impact drivers. These ones are structured purposely for driving screws and slackening off bolts.

In most cases, individuals retain at least two drills, one for specifically drilling and the other one for driving, since a number of projects entail both tasks. A number of brands provide kits that consist of a drill/driver along with an impact driver or other mixes, for instance, drill/harmer and hammer drill. You can read all cordless drill reviews at this site.

Other essential features to examine in these devices include:

Battery options. In most cases, the devices come with Lithium-ion batteries, the best choice.

Chuck. This refers to the hole at the distal end of the drill. This is the place you are required to insert drill bits

Reversible direction. This helps in removing screws from timber or from any other material. The rotation button needs to be reachable by means of the thumb or forefinger without necessarily altering your grip.

Trigger or speed control. This tool must be easy to operate and offer the best variable control, ranging from the rotation to full speed. This is quite significant when attempting to start a screw, or drilling on a path devoid of appropriate adhesion or friction, for example, tiles and metals.

Clutch/torque selector. This tool will help you avoid overdriving or retorting screws.

Work light. Helps while drilling in dark places

You now know about cordless drills. Thanks for reading and good luck in your cordless drill search.