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Appreciating the Hard Work Performed by Lumberjacks

Lumberjacks played a vital role in the building of societies throughout North America. One of the areas where this was prevalent was in Canada. The wood that lumberjacks gathered set the pace for growth in Canada for the entire 19th century. Not only was the wood is that lumberjacks gathered used to build Canada, it was also used to fuel the economy.

One needs to remember that during the early parts of the 19th century, both the United States and Europe was going through an explosive boom. They needed as much wood as they could possibly get in order to keep up with the rapid modernization.

The effect that this need for wood had on Canada was unbelievable. Lumberjacks came from all parts of the world to find work. This meant that during the early parts of the 19th century Canada had an immigration boom. All of these immigrants, brought with them their families, he spent money, and this led to an increase in investments and eventually the urbanization of different parts of Canada.

The work that lumberjacks did during the 19th century was phenomenal. Some jokingly say that lumberjacks during this period of time crazy because of the intense physical labor that was involved in doing their job. During the early parts of the 19th century, there was no such thing as the gas log splitter Canada woodworkers use today. Everything was done by hand.

The work that lumberjacks did during the 19th century was dangerous, it was labor-intensive, and it was seasonal. Contrary to what some might think, lumberjacks didn’t usually work during the summer. This is because during the spring and summer months many of these lumberjacks were farmers. However during the cold winter months they couldn’t earn money from their farms, so they went to cutting down trees.

The lumber camps where these individuals work were no picnic. After working hard throughout the winter, the early parts of the spring would be used to drive logs down to sawmills. When this was done, the farmers would go back to tending their farm only to wait for the next season to start working again.

Lumberjacks worked six days a week from sunrise to sunset. Because of the labor involved in their work, lumberjacks were well fed and they were well paid. Thanks to the work that these courageous men and women did, North America was built up to what it is today.