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Are You Looking for Best Staircase Chandelier to Fit in Your Home?

If you have beautiful home with gorgeous open staircase, it may set the tone for the décor. However, you may still feel something is missing because of no proper illumination, so using a chandelier meant for staircase will enhance the décor.

Often people tend to think crystals or Titanic moment when they hear “chandelier,” but nowadays they come in various styles. Whatever may be the aesthetics that you are looking for, you still can find great chandelier to complement it.

If you are looking for perfect staircase chandelier meant for your home, then following tips may help.

Decide what exactly you want from the Chandelier?

While installing your chandelier you must decide what kind of effect you want to produce so that it can properly complement the staircase style.

Decide whether you want to use chandelier as light source or for decoration.

Define your style

Take a look at your house and decide whether you want to give a traditional style or a modern look to your staircase. You may also take photograph and try to visualize by considering various styles available.

Where you wish to focus your light?

Chandeliers are not just a show piece but also a source of lighting too. The way each type of chandelier disperses the light may be different and you need to decide lighting within staircase.

Learn basics of the Chandelier

Before you go for buying chandelier you must be aware about the basics of this decoration piece and must be familiar with the terms used for its various parts. You must also be aware about various types available.

Try to see the room at different angle

Chandelier can be seen from various angles of the room and the staircase and hence while choosing your chandelier too, you must try to see from different angles so that it will be your perfect choice for the staircase.

Try to match chandelier with banister

While shopping for chandelier you may be overwhelmed by looking at the varieties available in the market. One easy way out can be trying to match with the material of banister.

Measure with precision

In order to get proper effect of lighting and also to match it with the surrounding, it is essential to take accurate measurements. Based on that you can decide the right size of your chandelier.

Check the load capacity of your ceiling

Make sure that the load capacity available for the ceiling power supply is sufficient for lighting the chandelier. In case, you are not aware about it then you must find out from the contractor before you visit the market.

What is various access available

Installing a chandelier is not an easy task and therefore, you must explore all the accesses available so that there should not be any problem during its actual installation.

Consider about energy efficiency

Make sure that lighting that you are considering are energy efficient. Nowadays various LED lightings are available for various chandeliers too.