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Create the Ultimate Mechanic’s Garage

Are you a moonlight mechanic? You have a day job that pays the bills but as a hobby, you love to spend your time working on cars? You fix your vehicles, you help your friends, you help your neighbors? If you are serious about your sideline of being a car mechanic, it’s probably time to do some major upgrades to your garage or workshop. Here are some upgrades every budding mechanic should consider.

Get a Car Lift

A car lift may seem like an extravagant investment but for many, it’s well worth it. Much of your time working on cars will be spent underneath them. Working on an exhaust system, swapping out a transmission, even doing a simple oil change. Do you really want to do all of that work on your back on a creeper? Do you want to have to strain to reach things, to see things? Investing in a high-quality unit like a Bendpak car lift can save you time as well as prevent a lot of aches and pains.

Find a Quality Air Compressor

If you’re a serious mechanic, you’re going to be using air tools. Tools like an impact wrench, air ratchet, and even a tire inflator, all require a good air compressor. When you’re looking at air compressors, make sure you find one that can reach the PSI you need for your tools and that provides a decent amount of airflow. Also, be sure you get a relatively high capacity tank. That higher capacity tank will ensure your compressor can run for long periods without interruption.

Invest in Professional Tools

The best mechanic in the world is still going to be limited if he doesn’t have good tools. Invest in a high-quality socket and wrench set. Preferably something with a lifetime warranty. You’re going to be using these often and want them to last. A good torque wrench is also a must. Buy a good quality set of air tools to make those heavier jobs go faster.

Control Your Garage’s Temperature

If you’re going to be working in your garage a lot, you need to make sure you keep it comfortable year-round. Who wants to be working in freezing temperatures in the winter, or oppressively hot temperatures in the summer? First, insulate your garage if it isn’t already. This will help maintain temperatures. In the winter, make sure you have sufficient space or propane heaters. In the summer, install a medium-sized air conditioner, or large floor fans.

For the moonlighting mechanic, making sure you have all of the tools, accessories and comforts of a real shop will make you that much more successful.