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Ideas to decorate the house in autumn

Ideas to decorate in autumn

Seasonal changes are propitious moments for renewal. Just as when autumn arrives we leave aside the colorful clothing and opt for another type of outfit, the same thing we can do with our home decoration ideas. It is not about introducing major changes or restructuring spaces; neither is it necessary to replace the furniture. With a few small details we can give our homes an   attractive and comfortable autumnal look.

Decorate with leaves

When we think of autumn, the first thing that comes to mind is the bucolic image of dry leaves piled up in romantic places. Why not use leaves to decorate? We have the material at hand; all you have to do is go out to the street to find sheets of different sizes, shapes and colors.

If what we find we do not like or do not just convince us, the better. We will have a good excuse to go on an excursion and visit some of the forests that we have in the peninsula. There we will find inspiration and extra material to make our composition. And if we travel with children, the experience can be more than rewarding.

Once the leaves are collected, what can we do with them? To begin with, we will have to open our crates of crafts, that small space that cannot be missing in a home and in which we will have placed our work materials. That you do not have a drawer or shelf to store your tools? Make it yourself from recycled materials or buy in the “chinos” a plastic drawer with several compartments; then put adhesive labels to classify the materials and, to work!

Ideas to decorate the house in autumn

An interesting idea to take advantage of the sheets is to compose a collage on any type of base, which we can then hang on the wall as if it were a painting. Some people take advantage of window frames and paint them in warm colors. Then they stick or hang the dried leaves simulating an open window to the forest.

Decorate with leaves in autumn

Another very simple and decorative option is to place a bouquet of dried leaves inside a vase. We can use leaves of different varieties and tones, in order to provide elements of contrast.

Ideas to decorate the house in autumn

Chestnuts and pumpkins

These autumn foods are perfect for composing still life’s or decorative centers. A very simple idea is to look for a wooden box, cover it with burlap or some natural element, and place inside the chestnuts and pumpkin. A wicker basket can also be served.

It is convenient to choose a tiny pumpkin, since otherwise it would take too much space. There are elongated varieties that are very decorative, although the most classic is the round pumpkin. In addition, these products have another use. If we make holes with shapes of eyes, nose and mouth, we already have an ideal decorative element for the Halloween party.

Next to chestnuts and squash, we can place other nuts. Almonds, hazelnuts … any product of this type will be perfect for our composition. Even those small acorns that abound in our forests can be very attractive. And let’s not forget the corncobs, another nice and colorful natural product. If we leave their hair, they are still funnier.

Details to decorate the house in autumn

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A perfect place to place our decorative center could be the dining table, the hall or the upper part of a low piece of furniture. People who enjoy a fireplace in their homes can dispense with the container and place the fruits directly on the shelf.

Ideas to decorate the house in autumn

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Autumn colors

The characteristic colors of autumn are the ochre’s, mustards, garnets and, of course, black. They are tonalities that invite recollection, to make family life and enjoy the warmth of home.

Introducing these colors at home is not complicated. Simply change the covers of the cushions and place some appropriate fabric on the sofa. No need to change the case; if we search our cabinets, we can find some scrap that we can use to place on an armchair. Nor is it necessary to completely cover the structure: fabrics placed “carelessly” on the backs can give an image of familiarity and comfort.

Decorating the house in autumn

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Curtains and carpets

Curtains and rugs also play a lot in our favor when it comes to creating an autumnal atmosphere at home. It is not about changing the curtains, but if the ones we usually have are ocher or raw tones, we will have many points won.

When autumn arrives and temperatures drop, nothing better than a good carpet to bring warmth. There are many materials, qualities and prices; you just have to choose the one that best suits the decoration and our tastes. A safe bet is smooth fabrics with neutral tones, as they usually combine with everything.

Ideas to decorate the house in autumn

Furniture and lighting

The warm lights are perfect for our autumnal setting. It is worth taking into account when buying light bulbs, because the white lights are too hard and bring a sense of coldness to spaces.

One last recommendation: to create a perfect atmosphere, place the sofa and chairs in a circle. It is a matter of sensations; circles create closeness, invite conversation and are conducive to promoting social relationships.