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Interior Designer-Hyderabad


After living in Mumbai for years, I finally shifted back to Hyderabad to start my own business. I was always passionate about food and thought of restarting my grandfather’s coffee house. He had started a small coffee shop 50 years ago in General Bazaar. Now, I had grand plans to make this small shop big. That’s when I started looking for an interior designer in Hyderabad.

UrbanClap solved my problem

I was not sure whom to contact and what rates prevailed in Hyderabad for construction and renovation works. That’s when I saw an ad for UrbanClap on YouTube and decided to give it a try.

I downloaded the app instantly registered myself. The process was very simple. I just had to enter my name and email address. Within one minute, I became a registered user.

I didn’t even have to search for the interior designer manually. I found the ‘Home Design & Construction’ category right on the home page and ‘Interior Designer’ sub-category listed right under it. I quickly clicked on the tab. The app asked me if I wanted an interior designer for home or office. It helps the app in finding the right designer from its 490 registered professionals in the city.

I clicked on ‘office.’ The app then presented me with a questionnaire to help understand my needs better. The first question was the kind of project I was looking forward to. I clicked on ‘Renovate my office/shop.’ The app then asked about the kind of property, and I clicked on ‘café.’ It then asked the area of the property. I clicked on 1000-2000 sq. Ft.

With every question I was answering, the app was filtering the right choice of designers available for me. It then asked if the entire shop or some area needs to be renovated. When I clicked on ‘selected spaces,’ I was asked the places which need renovation. That’s it.

I was asked the time duration within which I wanted the work to start and then offered a chance to select the quality of services I wanted. Every option had a clearly listed cost. I picked ‘cost-effective execution by specialists’ with an estimated cost of 3-4 lakh rupees. Then the app found my location before getting me in touch with different specialists.

After talking to a few interior designers, I chose Ms. Malini Shah and her team at New Age Designers. They did an excellent job at the café and helped me make the best renovations around to attract more customers. The thing I liked the most about her team was her design sense. She instinctively knew what a new age coffee shop with a retro appeal should look like and she delivered really well. Her team was very efficient as well, and they left no stones unturned to ensure that I got the results I wanted.

Everything they did was exactly according to my specifications. The color of the walls and decals had an authentic retro appeal. The new café was colorful and appealing. Ms. Shah also asked me to add a black and white wall to the café where I could add pictures of popular retro musicians. She also suggested adding one restored radio to the design which will give it a more authentic appeal. I wasn’t sure if the café will look good like this. But when the design was completed, they both were the most striking features of the design. We even added indoor plants and several restored chairs and tables from old coffee shops in the region. I couldn’t believe that the space looked better than what I expected.

You should try UrbanClap too

The app is one of the best that I have used my entire life. It has a clean interface and a beautiful layout which makes finding services easier. You don’t have to look around for the right service providers frantically. Just click on the service you like, answer a few questions, and the app will connect you to the right professionals automatically.

A good thing about the app is that it gives you the option to decide whether service providers should contact you. For someone like me who has to work in the cafe feverishly, phone calls could be very annoying, but UrbanClap was the only app which understood this. I am very satisfied with their service experience as well as their app.

I have used their services for carpentry, household repairs too. All the professionals get selected after strict background checks which ensure quality. Moreover, you have the option to pay online or in-person to the service provider. I have given Ms. Shah and New Age Designers a 5-star rating for their high-quality work and recommended their services to retail/hospitality/lifestyle business owners. I have also given a 5-star rating to UrbanClap on Google Play Store because it removes hassles from your life and makes working with service professionals easy.