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Keeping Pests Away from The Home

Whether you want to perform pest control on your own or contact a company that has other materials to use around the house, there are a few tips to keep in mind for the best results. When you begin using products inside and outside the house, you need to ensure that they are safe for the people inside the home and the pets. You might have to try a few techniques before you see the results that you desire.

There are a few different kinds of traps that you can get to set out inside the home as well as outside. They are good for everything from mice to roaches. A sticky trap is a kind to consider if you have mice. These also work if you have pests that tend to crawl around on the floor, such as roaches. Mouse traps are easy to use and will usually quickly catch a mouse in the home. A pest control Egg Harbor company can come to the home to set out larger traps outside the home if you have pests like raccoons.

Essential Oils
If you don’t want to kill the pests in your home but want to keep them away, then try essential oils on a cotton ball. Peppermint oil and lemon oil work well to deter most pests. You only need to place a few drops of the oil on a cotton ball. Put the cotton in areas of the home where you’ve seen pests and in cabinets or drawers where pests might lurk.

Seal Cracks
Pests often get inside the home through cracks that aren’t sealed. You can put steel wool in holes around your plumbing to keep mice away. Use caulking material to seal cracks around windows and doors. You also want to make sure your dryer vent is sealed properly to keep pests outside.

Clean The Home
Pests usually come inside because they are looking for somewhere warm and because they want food. Keep crumbs off the floor and counters. Close boxes, putting items that you can inside a plastic container in the cabinets. Keeping the kitchen and other areas of the home as clean as possible can keep pests away because they won’t be able to find anything to eat.

Stop Leaking Pipes
Sometimes, pests can tell when there is an adequate water source in your home. Fix any leaky faucets that are in the home, especially in the kitchen. You should also look under the home to see if there are any pipes that are leaking. These will often attract pests, which can then introduce them to the rest of your house.

Remove Clutter Outside
Don’t give pests an area where they can make a bed outside and get comfortable. Remove any leaves that are in piles, buckets with water and trash that is just sitting around. You can also trim limbs and flowers to keep them maintained. Some pests enjoy making nests on longer limbs and in plants that are overgrown with dead leaves and flowers.