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Lawn Maintenance Tips

A lush, perfectly manicured lawn always brings pleasure to the family aside from being the envy of the neighborhood. Children love to run around and play hide and seek in the garden. They also enjoy catching butterflies and little insects finding solace in the lush greens. Moreover, the front yard is a beautiful area to entertain guests during a family gathering or even on ordinary days. It can also be one’s special spot when he wants to enjoy a few minutes of peace.

To keep any lawn in its tip-top shape and prevent the grasses from losing its luster, one either hire a professional landscape service or do the upkeep himself.  If one opts to DIY, enumerated here are ways for proper lawn maintenance Houston or to turn a shabby lawn back to its original soft, emerald carpet.

Water the lawn

Any lawn gives signs when is the best time to water it. During summer, for instance, grasses tell they need their regular drink when the leaves begin to wither.

One can leave the sprinkler on for a couple of hours during the hot season. The leaves, however, must be longer than its usual height because longer blades turn brown less quickly during summer as opposed to regular seasons.

Leaves submerged in too much water turns leaves weak and susceptible to damage. Too much water drowns the blades, preventing oxygen to help them survive. It is best then to monitor the appropriate quantity of water the lawn needs in any season and adjust until one gets the right amount.

Weed the lawn

Weeds make the lawn sick and ugly. Not giving attention to the growing weeds will make the once perfectly manicured grasses too unappealing for the kids to play on it and the friendly animals to visit.

It is best to remove the weeds from its roots when the soil is damp and moist. The day after it has rained is the best period to weed the lawn. During summer, it will be hard to pull the grasses from the roots causing the soil to break, especially if one exerts great force. If there is no rain anticipated, hose down the area with water and let the soil soak overnight before one starts weeding.

Mow the lawn

Lawns mowed at the right frequency encourages the roots to spread, filling any unwanted gaps and blocking off weeds from invading the bed. Regular trimming of grasses also allows the water to enter to the grasses’ roots easily.

A once-a-week cutting of grasses is prudent during hot weather, while once every two weeks is recommended for the remaining seasons.

Maintain the edges neatly

A lawn with neat edges creates an impressive finish. Give attention to the lawn’s borders by reshaping it when the need arises. Usual looks are spade-shaped edger and half-moon corners.

Leave a few spaces

Loosening the soil allows the roots to breathe and the grasses to grow. Too much compact soil makes it difficult for the grass to grow, creating bare patches during hot weather and mud baths in a wet season.

One quick solution to avoid compacted grass is to push a garden fork about 10 cm deep into the soil. This practice loosens up the dirt and even improves drainage.

Fertilize the lawn

A lawn needs nutrients to maintain its healthy emerald green blades. Lawn fertilizers are packed with nutritional food to make each grass strand healthy and the bed weed-free.

For a larger lawn, one may invest or rent a wheeled lawn feeder to make the job quick and precise.

Usually, a lawn needs feeding during spring and mid-summer. Apply fertilizer before the rain pours. The rain will help the compost go down to the grasses’ roots, preventing to burn the leaf blades. If there is no rain to wash the fertilizer, it is best to water the lawn. One will expect to see a bed of emerald grasses in a week’s time.

Welcome the sunlight

Moderate sunlight has excellent benefits for almost all living things. Research says that the health advantages of sun exposure outweigh any risk it may create.

Direct sunlight fuels lawn growth through a process called photosynthesis. It converts the light energy into food by turning the nutrients from the soil to the carbohydrates needed by the grasses to grow.

There may be sections that might have withered because of adjacent trees and shrubs that block off the sunlight. Proper trimming is advisable.

Lawn maintenance tips

Lawns are meant to be played on, even picnicked on or walked on. They get squashed and also battered from everyday exposure. To keep its emerald green look and healthy blades, keep it well-maintained by applying the tips mentioned or get the services of a professional landscape artist.