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Suction robots: Construction and Operation – Important to Know:

How a vacuum cleaner robot works, is actually explained quite quickly. Nevertheless, there are some differences

between the different models which are considered in the following text. In order to explain how a vacuum robot works/function, a discussion of the following topics is necessary: structure, mechanics, and driving strategies!

Robotic vacuum cleaners are almost always rounded and flat. As a rule, they run on three rollers, which allow flexible steering. This maneuverability is also required to reverse obstacles without great effort with a simple turning movement.

The sweeping effect is made possible by one or two main brushes underneath the appliance and one or two side brushes on the floor. If the robot uses two brush rollers, they rotate in opposite directions. This has particular advantages for the cleaning of carpets since more dust can be released from the carpet than when only one brush is used. The side brush or brushes are intended for cleaning corners and edges. They return sweeping towards the main brush.

Vacuum technology:

In addition to the brushes, a vacuum cleaner robot has a vacuum technology which allows the dirt to be sucked into the dust collecting container. The vacuum forms inside the suction robot in the immediate vicinity of the main brushes and ensures the absorption of the dust.

Mechanics and sensors

There are varieties of equipment for vacuum cleaner robots. There are models that work with touch sensors on the bumper, which are equipped with infrared sensors for distance measurement, devices with digital cameras, robots with crash sensors or those that read the room with a laser. In addition, there are combinations of the above.

As vacuum robots are constantly evolving, obstacle detection and crash prevention are getting better and better. In the future, therefore, much is expected in terms of mechanics. Infrared sensors are often used which are often used to find the charging station. Shark Rocket DuoClean comes with LED light that helps spotting small dirt and other objects.

Driving strategies

There are also significant differences between the models in the driving strategies. The trend is towards a planned cleaning, the vacuum cleaner robot should recognize where it was already and where not yet. Many models use a random ride, although they reach all accessible areas, do not necessarily work in energy efficiency.

In order to carry out a cleaning with a plan, a suction robot needs a technique to map the rooms. With this virtual room card, he now knows where furniture and obstacles are standing and how the wall structure is. This works with robotic suckers with one or two cameras or even with a laser.


A vacuum robot is small, round and maneuverable, uses brushes and vacuum technology to absorb dirt, uses infrared sensors and/or cameras for orientation and crash detection and travels through the room according to different strategies!

Shark Rocket DuoClean is the latest and lightweight vacuum cleaner model. Maintenance is very easy and also very easy to use.