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The Benefits of Keeping Floor Space Smaller for Your New Home Design Plans

Building a new home for you and your family is an exciting time, but don’t get carried away with the planning and overreach your floor space needs. Below are a few of the specific benefits that come from taking a reasonable approach to determining a minimum amount of space that offers enough room to live comfortably.

Create a Cozy Atmosphere

Communities from centuries past knew how to design and build homes that could easily accommodate a large or growing family without taking up half of a city block. Modern farmhouse design follows the past principles of using every square foot to the advantage of the homeowner. Everything and person can have their personal space without feeling crowded or as if there is too much house. Instead, it will feel welcoming and cozy.

Smaller Home, Fewer Cleaning Duties

The maintenance and cleaning demands are very different when considering a 2,500 square foot home and one that is 4,000 square feet and more. The increased number of rooms, plumbing fixtures, windows, flooring, counters, and furnishings will keep you busy all the time in a large home. It’s something to consider before settling on a particular design plan.

Reduce Costs of Heating and Cooling the Space

Venting and HVAC unit size are markedly different with added space. The larger your plans are, the bigger the heating and cooling demands will be. Perch Plans include a manual that describes the exact Unit size you need for your chosen home design.

Increased property to Build Outdoor Living Space

Every square foot of floor space you commit to with design plans takes away square footage of your lawn. It’s wise to consider how much outdoor room you need to incorporate patios, greenhouses, gazebos, pools, and any other outdoor living space desired.

More Likely to Retain Home for a Lifetime

A large home with tons of floor space might seem practical when you are raising children, but eventually, they will grow and move on to lives of their own. You will be more likely to retain the home if you balance out overall size with future needs. Getting the right plans can assist in making sure you are not cramped, but reasonably minimized.

Explore all of your options when it comes to floor plans and home design to ensure it encompasses all of your needs before the build. Nothing is worse than having regrets on the down the road.