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The Best Sump Pump Service

If you live in a location that sees a lot of heavy rain or has a high water table, you will need to have a functional sump pump. A sump pump removes excess water from your home, and sometimes it is the only thing that can prevent your basement from flooding.

Like any other crucial piece of equipment, a sump pump requires regular maintenance if it is to function like it should. While you shouldn’t hesitate to start goggling “sump pump service Illinois” if you believe that your sump pump requires major repairs, there are still some basic sump pump maintenance tasks that every homeowner should be doing.

What to Do Every Three to Four Months

Every three to four months, you should be cleaning your sump pumps inlet screen and checking the power cord to make sure that it is still connected to electrical power. You should also dump a bucket of water into the sump to raise the float and make sure that the pump can turn on when it needs to. The last thing you want is a pump that doesn’t turn itself on when you’re hit with a particularly rainy season.

Annual Sump Pump Maintenance

The above tasks are simple enough to complete in a matter of minutes, but the other important maintenance tasks will require a little more work. Fortunately, you only need to complete these tasks once a year as long as your sump pump is working properly.

Once a year, remove the pump from the sump to clean and inspect it. Check your owner’s manual to see if any of the pump’s bearings need grease or oil. Different sump pump brands have different requirements, so don’t assume that one solution will cover every pump. Clean out the sump while you have the pump removed. Replace the pump, check your electrical connections, and dump a bucket of water into the sump to make sure that the pump will turn on when it needs to. Again, the last thing you want is a basement that floods because your sump pump doesn’t turn on like it should.