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Things to Consider Before Planning a Garage Addition

During this past year, more than $19 billion was spent by homeowners to improve their homes. This is according to a consumer trend report published by Scarborough. If you are one of the few people thinking about building or developing a garage addition for your building, there are some important things to be considered. Before you commence calling contractors or hammering nails, these tips will get you started.

1. Research Your Zoning Laws

Find out what the zoning laws talk about in your area before you commence doing anything. They are the laws that guide you to the location of the garage in your home as well as the property and size limitations. They will also specify the special requirements that are needed such as drainage considerations and roofing materials. Based on the information you retrieved from your zoning guidelines, you will know the type of garage you need as well as your eligibility to build a garage on your property as stipulated under the laws.

2. A Detached or Attached Garage

It is recommended to build an attached garage according to the Housing Forum if all you need is a structure that can be used to park your cars. This is one of the least expensive options because you already have one wall in place. The attached garage is one of the best options for those who want to have a workshop for their cars to shield the power tool noise from entering the home.

3. Double or Single Car Garage

If you want to have a single car garage according to your plans, ensure you commence it with a 12-feet addition. If you want to have a two-door garage, it is important to consider the zoning dimensions that take 20-feet by 24 feet. This capability allows you to let in your cars and open them. You are also allowed to add between six and eight feet if you want to store additional material or staff in the garage.

4. Factor the Driveway In

If you are planning on a garage or if you already have a carport, you may have sufficient driveway in existence. You might consider planning a new driveway if it I a single garage. A 10-feet wide driveway is sufficient for the garage doors to the street. If you have obstacles such as walls and trees on either side of the driveway, consider having a 14-feet driveway to ensure the obstacles are cleared from the door. You might consider a 20-feet driveway for the two-door garages. Adjust accordingly if you need more space for the driveway.

5. The Garage is the House Extension

Consider making the garage look like it is part of the house. It won’t be appealing if it looks like it is detracted from it. It will look like a good addition if it is placed with windows opening to the front and doors opening to the side. Since it is not a direct line from the garage, it will increase your driveway expense. For a better visual appeal, you can also use a two-one –car door if they are facing the front.