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Why Personal Protective Equipment is more than just a Hi Vis vest!

Many of us know some of the basics about Personal Protective Equipment, from hi vis vests to steel toe cap boot. We have seen items like this around the workplace for a long time, whether in your workplace or others. However, do you know what is included in this category? In this article, we will be looking into the wide range of products that are available. We will also be explaining how each item is designed to protect you against a list of hazards.

Hi Vis Clothing

One of the most common types of personal protective equipment is hi vis clothing. This includes a multitude of items ranging from vests to trousers. With each item having reflective properties ensuring maximum visibility, while others have additional features increasing the safety protection.

Eye Protection

Eye protection is usually based on two designs, the first being glasses or goggles and the other being a full face shield. Eye protection is designed to protect the eyes from one or more of the following, particles, gases, liquids and projectiles. Environments such as laboratories regularly wear eye protection to ensure they do not get hit with chemical splashes.

Ear Protection

There are many different types of hazards that can cause ear protection, these can be low or high frequencies and can be in varied in sound level. Prolonged exposure to these sounds can cause serious hearing loss and in the worst case scenario complete deafness.

Work Gloves

Work gloves range in protection qualities based upon the hazards in the environment, for instance, those working with jackhammers need to wear vibration reducing gloves, whereas those who are working with boxes and bags tend to wear general handling gloves for grip and protection.

Respiratory Protective Equipment

RPE is a type of personal protective equipment which is specifically designed to protect the lungs. These are usually designed to be half or full face masks, they are built with a filter to prevent hazards from entering the lungs.

Knee Pads

Knee pads are a simple yet effective piece of personal protective equipment, they are designed to prevent injuries to the knees when the wearer is kneeling. There are two main dangers that knee pads solve, one of which is kneeling on a sharp object and the other is prolonged kneeling causing serious damage to the knee.

Fall Protection

Fall protection is the lifeline that helps to secure you to a fixed point, always used at height or where there is a risk of falling. These items come in a wide range of variations and are designed for different levels of protection and scenarios.

Safety Boots and Shoes

These types of footwear are specifically designed to protect the wearer depending on the type of environment they are in. For instance, the most common type of safety boot contains a steel toe cap, the steel toe cap is designed to protect the wearer’s toes from falling heavy objects.

First Aid Kits

First aid kits are the second most common type of PPE, with almost every workplace having them clearly on show to their employees. They tend to only be used when needed, the common occasions are after an accident.