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Why You Should Invest In Porch Blinds

You protect your curtains and windows from the sun every day by using blinds and drapes to reduce sun damage. Using the right blinds can protect your home both inside and out by blocking UV rays, reducing fading, and keeping rooms temperature controlled. So why not use the same protection on your porch? Whether you choose roman shades richmond or bamboo blinds to let in the sun, getting blinds for your porch is essential to protect against sun damage and leave your porch feeling cool and shady for endless days of summer enjoyment. If you’re not already sold, here are a few crucial reasons why you need to buy porch blinds today.

They Protect Your Porch

Your porch acts as a middle ground between your home’s interior and the outdoors. Because of this, you might not imagine that sun damage is a huge concern, or that your porch needs to be protected in the same way as your home. However, taking care of your porch is even more important due to its constant exposure to the sun. Because porches often have large screen windows or areas that are fully open to the outdoors, the sun is beating down on your porch’s interior 24/7. If you’re keeping furniture or art on your porch, or if you simply want to preserve the way it looks, you need to make sure the area is shaded at least part of the time. If your porch is left exposed, everything inside it, including your furniture cushions, chairs, and tables, could quickly become faded and damaged. Installing shades will also act as a barrier against wind and light rain.

They Keep Things Cool

What’s the point in having a beautiful porch if you’re not going to sit on it and enjoy the summer? Since porches are usually open-air spaces that aren’t able to be air conditioned, you don’t want to leave your porch open to overheating. Without the protection of shade, your porch could end up becoming a sweatbox, and you won’t be able to sit outside after the sun goes down and enjoy the cool breeze. However, if you keep your porch as dark and shaded as possible, you’ll be able to come home to a perfectly cool outdoor sanctuary each night.

They Look Great

Just as the right window dressing can add style to your home windows while offering an extra layer of protection, porch shades and blinds can be a great design choice with a built-in function. If you want your porch to stay shady and have a cool, neutral look, choosing bamboo blinds will help create a tropical environment. Installing linen or cool-colored shades will help keep the area light-filled while bringing the temperature down a notch. If sun protection is your main concern, get a screen that comes with built-in UV ray protection and won’t fade over time. Picking the right shades for your porch won’t just keeping the area cool and stylish. It will help with your home’s overall curb appeal by preserving your porch’s quality and creating a beautiful look from the outside.