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Cost Effective Option for Resurfacing Your Pool Deck

Whether you’re installing a brand-new swimming pool, looking to bring back to life a weathered pool, or craving a cost-effective design project for your backyard entertainment area, resurfacing your pool deck is a great way to give your space a customized facelift without breaking the bank. From contemporary, industrial-inspired patterns to Mediterranean designs, there are countless decorative looks that can be achieved by applying a new pool deck coating. Here are 4 cost-effective ideas for resurfacing the deck of your swimming pool.

Decorative Concrete Overlay

Concrete overlays are available in a variety of tastefully-chic colors and textures. Applied over your existing pool deck using a very fine layer of concrete, concrete overlay is perfect for masking any unwanted marks or imperfections that may have accumulated over the years. If you’re looking for a practical investment that is extremely durable and fade resistant, you may want to consider installing an overlay that mixes sand and cement with polymer resins.

To amplify the design, a pop of color or textured pattern can be integrated into the concrete by rolling thin layers of a micro-topping overlay onto the surface of your concrete pool deck. Stamped overlays are an optimal solution for achieving a unique level of artistry or replicating the look of brick, natural stone, wood, or slate. If the surface of your pool deck is marked with large indents and destructive cracks, or if it’s modeling an oily, peeling, dirty exterior, the overlay will not bond properly. Because the preparation and application processes are fairly complex, many pool owners seek the help of a professional to carry out the desired work.

Deck Paint

There are scores of options when it comes to selecting a deck paint to coat the surface of your entertainment space with. Among the more popular options is acrylic paint, which is praised for its’ speedy drying ability – meaning your family can resume their recreational activities, sunbathing included, in the blink of an eye. Acrylic is also immune to the damaging effects of UV ray and pool chemicals, which are major players in causing your pool deck to fade and lose its’ luster.

Anti-Slip Surfaces

Anti-slip coatings can be used alone or in conjunction with another type of surface coating. The anti-slip surface is fashioned from mineral fragments or polymer, providing a textured finish that will preserve the natural look of your pool deck and prevent future chemical damage and fading. Depending on which product you ultimately choose, the anti-slip coating may be applied right onto unsealed tile or concrete or sprayed directly onto the surface of your pool deck.

Epoxy Surfaces

Epoxy coatings and paints are an ideal solution for pool decks that don’t ruin surfaces or require small repairs, as they can be used to fix small cracks or holes that have emerged across your deck. Similar to anti-slip surfaces, epoxy paints are designed to resist fading and damages caused by prolonged exposure to UV rays and pool chemicals. Want to infuse your outdoor space with a bit of vibrant sparkle? Some epoxy coatings are designed with decorative fragments that will furnish your pool deck with a glistening shine beneath the sun’s beautiful rays.

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