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Smart Changes AROUND the House that Add to Property Value

You’re considering a sale on your home in the next few months or years. Look around the house, however, and there might be a lot of work ahead of you. Cleaning and updating the home are just two of the tasks that you must tackle before putting the property up for sale. Explore some of the lesser-known improvements that make a big difference during your bidding period.

Installing Smart Devices

It seems like everything is connected to the Internet today. Before you invest in any other materials, consider the simple addition of smart devices. Thermostats, lighting and window-treatment options often come with WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity. Install devices that will complement your property. There’s no need to wire everything in the house. One or two features around the home can make a difference with buyers.

Updating the Chimney

An area of the home that’s typically overlooked is the chimney. It’s used throughout the year for either a focal point or warming mechanism. Consider chimney cleaning Maryland as a smart update. The cleaning process is just the start. Your home might require a liner or draft repair. Listen to the professionals as they quote the cost. A healthy chimney is safe to operate year-round. Buyers will appreciate this safety update in the home.

Tearing Down a Dividing Wall

You may have a home with a dividing wall that separates the dining space from the living room. Although it makes logical sense to divide the rooms, the wall creates a shadow and unnatural flow to the space. As long as the wall isn’t a load-bearing type, think about knocking this wall out. It can be removed, which opens up the space for movement between the rooms. Sunlight can also penetrate the space. The house looks larger as a result.

Always work with licensed and insured professionals during any major renovations. Their experience and training will shine throughout the project. If any issues arise, the insurance covers most of the concerns. At the end of the project, the home’s value should rise as potential buyers get excited about the enhanced amenities.