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DIY Versus Contractors: Which Service is Right For You?

Your property probably has hundreds of items that require regular maintenance. From updating the flooring to adjusting the air conditioner, these tasks range from incredibly easy to complex in nature. If you’re debating between a DIY project and hiring a contractor, take a close look at the differences. You can tackle certain tasks on your own.

Time Constraints

Household projects take time. Every task has a certain commitment to it. Painting your kitchen, for example, can take a week or longer. Cleaning the cabinets, removing doors and actually painting them takes time too.

If you don’t have the allotted time, such as taking vacation days from work, hiring a contractor is an option. They bring in several people to complete the work in little time. As a result, your time is barely taken up by the task.

Learn a New Trade

The benefit to performing a household repair on your own is the knowledge gained. You may not know how to remove a bad part on your air conditioner, but you take on the task by reading about your model. Grab a blower motor removal tool from the local store so that you can get to the bad part. If an issue ever arises again with the air conditioner, you’ll have a good idea of how to locate the problem and resolve it.

Consider the Labor

It’s a fact that you’ll pay a lot more for a contractor’s repair compared to a DIY project. There’s no way around the labor cost. You’re paying for the contractor’s expertise, licensing and insurance. If you’re trying to be frugal, a DIY project will typically be a cheaper alternative. Always ask about any labor discounts whenever possible. Some companies offer specials at times.

Research a given project well before you start any steps. If part of the project is too difficult, you may want to call a contractor. Leaving any project midway through the process isn’t ideal. Your tasks should be understandable as the update or repair continues on.