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Steel detailing to get the best structural designing

Have you ever wondered how skyscrapers and high rise buildings are so perfectly constructed? How did they get to know about the perfect dimensions and size of each piece which has to fit? There must be someone who is providing them with initial drawing and visual representation of the outcome. Yes! They are the steel detailers. Steel detailing is the process of drawing out every critical diagram of the structure pieces. It is done with the joint work of experts which includes contractors, fabricators, engineers etc.

Steel detailing is done for two important parts:

  1. To know the detail design of structure
  2. To get an estimate of required materials

The main focus points of this process are the:

  1. Size and dimension of the pieces required.
  2. Material required for the formation of structure pieces.
  3. Fabrication of each piece
  4. Special instructions for fabrications and another structural formation process.

How steel detailers perform steel detailing in structure designing

This process is performed completing different steps from two types of drawing:

  1. Shop Drawing

In shop drawing, every steel piece required in drawn in a metallic form. It is done with the help of fabricator. It is easy to figure out with this step that which material should be used and it is suitable for this part of the structure. This drawing usually focuses on parts like:

  • Size
  • Material
  • Quality
  • Dimension
  • Painting
  • Welding and bolting

After this step is completed the steel detailer moves to the next step of erection drawing

  1. Erection Drawing

In the erection drawing stage, the drawing is formed to locate the place of steel material in the structure. It mainly explains the installing process of each component in the structure. It is related to the fitting of the wedges anchor, bolts, and welding spots.

How to get accuracy in steel detailing of structural designing

These drawing and other analyzation of experts is done on the basis of some internationally formed standards. These are critical steps and it needs 100% accuracy to be performed otherwise it results in loss of money and time. Steel detailing is a very important step which should be performed very carefully. It cannot be ignored in any type of construction. Its accuracy can be maintained by following the international standard and high quality of work can be delivered with it.

The international standard includes American Institute of steel construction, American welding society, National Institute of steel detailing, Canadian Institute of steel construction, Australian Institute of steel construction, and Euro code and British standard codes.

Where you get the service of steel detailing?

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Whenever you are taking services from any contracting company make sure to analyze them carefully as if the work is not done on the quality you can lose a huge amount of money as well as your precious time.