Benefits of an Epoxy Flooring

Garage floors don’t often get a lot of attention in terms of flooring. The truth is that you want your garage floor to be able to stand up to high traffic and chemicals. A lot happens in your garage. Whether you’re working on cars or using it for a workshop, your garage deserves to be the best. Most owners with garage floors choose to use an epoxy coating when it comes to their floors and here is why.


If you’re looking for a floor that lasts, concrete floors that you treat with epoxy will last for longer than concrete floors without treatment. This durability lasts against high traffic vehicles. While concrete floors can last for some time, they last for longer when you have a Chicago epoxy flooring.

Low Maintenance

In terms of garage floors, you want something that is going to last for some time to come. Epoxy coatings provide you with a garage floor that lasts without you having to put in extra maintenance down the line. This flooring is easy to clean up after because it is not porous. Simply sweep or mop your floor for the best results.


Garage accidents happen. When it comes to the right kind of flooring, you can avoid as many accidents as possible. For instance, on an untreated floor, you are more likely to have accidents due to slipping. In addition, these coatings are resistant to high temperatures and fire.

Chemically Resistant

In your garage, you will generally find a variety of different chemicals. Chemical products are among the most dangerous products that you might find in a home. This is particularly true of the garage. When you have a spill, you don’t want to have to worry about the floor being ruined. The epoxy coating can help the floor create a defensed barrier against chemical spills.

Green Options

Nowadays, having green options is imperative. Most people want to be able to treat floors with some form of healthy alterative. Most epoxy coatings have a green option for your building. When you don’t want to go through an entirely new floor replacement, the epoxy coating helps.

If you’re thinking about redoing your floors, then you might want to think about the benefits of an epoxy flooring. Most garages have cement floors. While some go untreated, if you want your floor to last a long time, then you’re going to consider having your floor treated with an epoxy coating.

7 Ways To Spruce Up Your Dining Room

How would you like to feel proud of your living room, for a change? It’s all too common for families to allow this area of the house to become boring and tasteless, since people easily get accommodated and stop paying attention to their surroundings. Luckily, you can achieve the exact opposite effect of turning your living room into a vibrant meeting ground that will inspire merry good times.

This doesn’t necessarily have to involve an expensive overhaul; it can be done as easily as sprucing up some key elements to add a little sparkle to the interior design. In case you’d like some ideas to get started, here are some of your best options:

Mirror on the wall
There are many good reasons to add a mirror to your dining room; not only is it practical and stylish, but you can also find one whose frame complements your decoration. It’s also worth to keep in mind that a strategically placed mirror will make any room seem a little bigger.

Artistic Tendencies
If you have an artistic person in the family, you may want to consider getting some of their paintings on the wall. Not only is this a great way to encourage artistic tendencies, but it will also allow you to add a dynamic fresh look to your dining room without spending a lot of money. You can even ask the artist to create personalized artwork that matches your vision and favourite colours, in other to bridge the gap between their art and your style.

Wall of photos

When you can’t find a good source of artwork that speaks to you on a personal level, a simple and elegant solution is to create a wall of photos. You can do this on a budget by printing out some relevant pictures and ordering some stylish frames to go around them. This approach looks better if you stick to black and white photos or a limited colour pallet, and it’s always a good opportunity to add pictures of family members to the house.

White Gloss Sideboard
In case you’re looking to get a new piece of dining room furniture that screams modern and up to speed, then you need to look no further than a good listing of white gloss sideboard furniture (like this one over at Shop ChicParadis. High gloss furniture is the latest and most exciting development in the industry, and it’s setting a new standard for what an elegant modern house is supposed to look like.

Soft lighting
Speaking of elegant standards of interior designs, here’s a corner store that makes a difference. A good lighting system will completely transform the atmosphere of a room, and by using soft lightning masterfully you can easily change the collective mood with the touch of a button.

Multiple flower pots

Repetition will create powerful effects when it comes to interior designs. Having a single flower pot in the middle of your dining room table looks so normal it’s almost boring… but if you get multiple copies of that same flower pot and line them across the centre of the table, you will achieve a striking composition with minimal effort and very reasonable cost.

Array of candles
In as similar reasoning as above, you may want to consider getting multiple sets of candle holders and line them neatly in place to achieve an impressive yet elegant look. Depending on your preference, this solution can just as easily be inexpensive, or you can get some intricate candle holders to best convey your personal style.

Budget-Friendly Ways to Makeover Your Home

A home makeover is always fun – you get a new look and feel in your home without having to move. You might think that projects like kitchen refurbishments are out of your price range, but there are many ways you can get exactly what you want without going broke in the process. Even the simplest thing can completely transform a room. Check out some easy ways to get started.

Paint it a New Colour

You’d be amazed at you can completely change the way your home looks simply by painting the walls a new colour. Whether you go with all the same shade throughout or you make each room its own bright hue, simply changing the backdrop colour of your space is often enough to make it feel brand new.

Rearrange the Furniture

Here’s a home makeover idea that won’t cost anything. Simply try putting the furniture throughout your home into new places and enjoy the feel of a new space. For example, switch the couch in your family room to the opposite wall or flip your bed around so that it faces another direction. Moving around the pictures and art on the wall can also help your makeover the space on a budget.

Add Some Colour

If your home is fairly neutral, you can easily make it over by adding in some colour. Try brightly hued towels in the kitchens and bathrooms and colourful rugs in the living room and bedrooms. These pops or colour will make the space look brand new and you won’t have spent too much to make it happen. You can also add colourful decor throughout your home to achieve the same effect.

Update Your Fixtures

Another quick and inexpensive way to makeover your home is to swap out your taps, shower heads and knobs and pulls. Switch to modern metals in your kitchen and bathroom to make the room look modern and fresh. Choose new cabinet knobs and drawer pulls that are in a different shape, colour or finish to make things look different and new. You can also consider changing your kitchen doors. Look for ideas on kitchen refurbishments at

Add Crown Moulding

Home design experts say that one of the best ways to transform your home and give it a fresh upgrade is to install crown moulding. It’s fairly easy to do yourself and adds elegance to every room in your house.

Choose Dramatic Lighting

You’ll be surprised at how different your space will look by changing light fixtures. This applies to both standing lamps, wall sconces and ceiling fixtures. Choose something on the same scale as the room and then use ambient lighting throughout. This simple makeover will change every room of the house without having to spend a lot of money.

Redoing your home and giving it a makeover doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. As you can see, there are lots of great ways to freshen things up, even if you have a modest budget to work with. Even one small change can make a world of difference.